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What's all this 'Content is King' ballcocks?

Last week, I talked about content being King .. what the hell does that really mean? Its all a load of cr*p some people would say. Probably is. Most agents, be they estate agents or letting agents scratch their heads and ask how is it done, where do I start and most importantly, what is it really all about. Estate and letting agents have always been in the business of attracting customers (sellers with a property to sell and landlords with properties to let) with a service proposition wrapped in a nice box and presented in something called a brand, but a brand has to have something to say. In order to do that, a brand has to have meaningful content. Seems rather obvious, when you think about it.

Admittedly though, brands have taken it up a level when it comes to the content they deliver. What constitutes “content” has gotten much richer over time. Back in the day, a business card touting your services or an A5 leaflet listing the features of your firm was content at its best (ARLA registered, No sale no fee, no let no fee, professional etc etc). Then along came websites, allowing letting agents and estate agents to go beyond just providing information about the services they provide. Suddenly, we had the method and the space to talk about the way of life that goes along with our services, not just the product itself. That’s when content marketing as we call it today got its start.

Content marketing is more about giving landlords and sellers what they need, than it is about pushing products. It’s through engaging content that we build the brand and an emotional connection with current and future landlords and property sellers.
Start by thinking about what your landlords want in their lives, and how that can match up with what you can uniquely deliver. Think through what you can give your landlords that will help them live their lives, help them to get things done, and most importantly help them. If as a letting agent you start by putting your landlord’s needs first, and determine the kind of content you can create that could satisfy those needs.
All good marketing starts with knowing your landlords, what makes them tick, and what they need to accomplish their goals. The only two thing’s that turns on a landlord, that is important to a landlord is,
  • How well is my existing property doing?
  • Where is the next one I want to buy?
If you really know your landlords, and answer this questions with answers, then you can figure out how to give them what they need to keep them happy and engaged -- and how to keep them coming back to you in the process. That is what i teach on my courses, a step by step approach to capture the attention of landlords, 99.999% who use an opposing agent, then get and build their interest using great content, so they will eventually want to come and talk to you
That’s content marketing for your letting agent, for your landlords from your brand.
Wonder what content marketing this brand does?