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Lettings agents cant be ar$ed

Shalom and welcome my blog reading letting people. Yesterday was a troublesome day getting through London with the Tube Strike, but I will give credit where credit is due, the chaps and chapesses who didn't strike did a pretty good job keeping things going .. nice one. Yesterday's course .. the 15 letting agents who learnt the dark arts (well lets be honest, there is no dark arts .. just read this blog and you will learn  most of what you need to know .. so nothing dark) .. but lets keep up the pretense ..but just between me and you .. DARK ARTS  but we know better ;-)

So back the story ...... he we go ....There you are Mr(s) letting agent ... are you happy with you lot, happy with the number of properties on your books, managed? Cant be bothered to push you, your team to the next level? If you are happy, tell me, really .... why are you reading this blog?  (because the blog is getting more business for your lettings agency .. isn't it?)
Why are most letting agents so rubbish and securing more new business. It;s easy to do so. I have five or six agents who have taken the time to pick read my articles on this blog and just gone out there and adopted them .. word for word. Not paid me one penny for my advice .. just taken up the cause and go out and taught themselves how to be their town’s lettings agents gurus. You don’t need to advertise in the newspaper, you just need to be the main man (or woman) and within 12 months, you will get 20% to 30% grow (on mature businesses’). On new one’s, even better (one office I helped got 105 properties let from a cold start in 9 months). Social media is free .. use it (wisely like I teach you on the other 99 posts I have posted).
What is that stopping you? Apathy? Contentment? Fear? Well, if its the first and second .. I cant help you but if its the third, then you have nothing to worry about. The only way to remove of the fear is to stop doing things that might not work and start putting yourself out there and start doing work that matters. ... because, if you can conqueror fear, you wont have apathy and whilst you might be content, you will as a business owner, want more. As in lettings, no as  in life .... fear is not the enemy, but paralysis is.
Before I go, Joey the dog is much better now we have a chain lead. He cant bite it, much to the relief of my good Mrs, who has bought Joey over 10 leads in four months (this isn't a picture of Joey, but you can see why I chose it)