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How Linkedin can get you more landlords

You come across someone in the business world, what’s the first thing you do? Yep, type their name in Linkedin. See what job they do and what they have done. Isnt Linkedin great? 

Will Linkedin get you any landlords? Might do ...a landlord might think 'let's compare letting agents', so might log on to Linkedin. 'Hold on,' says the landlord, 'this letting agent has 120 endorsements' .. in fact they might have 120 endorsements for LETTING ....will that get you more business? No , because endorsements on Linkedin dont mean a thing, just like 120 likes on facebook don’t mean a thing

You see, I think LinkedIn endorsements are a complete and utter waste of time. It’s just like collecting ‘likes’ on facebook .. fab to start with, but as with facebook, isn’t a nice comment so much nicer? With linkydin, you can have such comments, and best bit, they are so much more powerful, they are called Recommendations.

To get this recommendations, you have to invest upfront in planning, personal contact and collaboration, but the effort is rewarded by access to a less crowded environment and a quicker route to building credibility and trust (which is the most important thing if you want landlords to use you

LinkedIn endorsements verify what you do, although I don’t know about you but I have been endorsed for skill’s I don't even possess, whilst recommendations detail how you do what you do and the unique value you deliver. Linkedin endorsements are easy to give and even easier to get (just like I said about facebook likes). The person on linkedin has no input beyond linkedIn provided prompts, your LinkedIn contacts simply click endorsement buttons. They require no energy on your part, leaving you free to steer your efforts toward developing thoughtfully worded recommendations instead.

So if you want recommendations on Linkeoodinoo, rather than waiting and wishing for colleagues or more importantly, landlords to put compliments into words, you can in fact get proactive, and ask people for recommendations. I have a great paragraph that I share on the training course, that works like a dream. But in essence, don't forget to tell the reason you're asking for recommendations and the type of recommendations you're hoping to receive. This puts your request in context and prompts greater response. Its important to explain why you're reaching out to the request recipient. This allows you to share a compliment and conveys that your request is one of a select few and not a mass mailing. By share helpful information, this saves the recipient time and increases your odds of receiving the kind of recommendation you're hoping for. Almost write it for them is what I teach on my training course and mentoring afterwards and finally, by giving your response urgency by stating a reasonable deadline.

You see, recommendations on linkeydin is to provide those with little or no awareness of you (potential landlords) that you, your business and your reputation is underlined with assurances from those who have high regard for you and your offerings. For peats sake though, if the words spoken on your behalf sound like they came right out of your marketing department, people will spot them a mile away. Only show recco’s on linkedin if they are genuine and sound great  

Once people put their compliments in writing, spread the praise far and wide. Use these recommendations in full or in truthfully excerpted versions on your website, in social media and in sales materials, letters and presentations... this stuff works. I am nearly at full capacity after 3 months of trading, and one of the reasons are my 45+ recommendations on Linkedin .. go and have a look for yourself

Most agents don't invest the time and energy required to gain an advantageous position. Waiting for one click endorsements won't give you access to the fast lane to get reputation and kudos and more importantly, more landlords, but asking for helpful recommendations will. 

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