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Rightmove Featured Agent slot - is it worth the money?

Not if you put rubbish out like this .....
  • For all your property needs and a free market appraisal
  • Is 2014 your year for moving?
  • The Sales & Lettings Specialist now open in K%&*^$n  
No one clicks on these, let alone a landlord or a seller. Come on stop wasting your time and lining the pockets of Rightmove .. they are a complete and utter waste of time.
.......but hold on, what if there was another way?

....... What if you could use these adverts where landlords and sellers actually looked out for them?

...... Landlords and potential house sellers looked forward to the next time the advert came up?.. and Clicked on it, because THEY (the landlord or seller) wanted to

...... Well early results at some of my clients offices are showing just that. In fact the results and clicks are probably the one of the cheapest forms of advertising to capture landlords (and sellers) there is.  You have to run separate campaigns for the landlords and potential sellers. The landlords one is easier, as it can town specific whilst the campaign for house sellers (to get free valuations) has to be more suburban centric
If you want to know what we doing now, pick up the phone to me, otherwise I will report back in late Summer