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Estate Agents - How many agents dont get Social Media

Many estate and letting agents habitually make the oversight of jumping feet first into social media without having a defined and clear-cut definition of their agency’s brand and their intent for starting social media.
..and when I say “the brand”,  I don’t mean the pantone colour schemes of your agency, the swanky logos, the choice of font, lifestyle pictures and polished black and white headshots.
When I say brand, I mean you, the agent…. And from that and the brand is how a customer feels about your agency. Your brand is what a one human being tells another human being about what it is to do business with you.
You brand are things like .. Do you keep your promises? Do you care? Do you give or are you a taker? Are you always trying to get or give? How are you trying to get business? Are you the agent that is always available? Those virtues will guide and support every choice you make on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc  from the content you produce and share, the Facebook ads you run an…

Should Estate/Letting Agents have separate personal and professional social media accounts?

By dividing your personal and professional social media accounts, you can constantly post professional content on your business social media account while posting personal stuff on your personal accounts.
If, however, you decide to combine both personal and professional posts to one profile, you’ll undoubtedly will end up having to make sacrifices to some degree. Conversely, if the posts and content you are delivering is interesting, eloquent, has meaning, engaging and gives value, your audience, friends or professional associates, will probably enjoy and like it.
Bottom line, if you decide to mix your personal and professional social media streams, you will get healthier results when you enroll your friends and followers as cheer-leaders rather than unenthusiastic subjects for your sales pitch.
And that’s the point. Don’t post something that your friends wouldn’t like. Instead of trying to sell, tell instead. Tell a story by sharing your know-how and achievements with them and thank the…

How important are leads in Estate/Letting Agency?

Leads are the life blood of Estate and Lettings Agency, yet there is something about the use of the word ‘lead’ that always makes me uneasy. A ‘lead’ by definition is a potential source of money for you and your agency. 

Now, there is nothing wrong with that, we are in a capitalist society and we are in business to make money …. no money, no business. 
Yet this point of view of seeing potential clients as ‘wallets on legs’ is another thing completely.
I believe most estate agents see these leads, not as humans, but potential transactions that are there to service their need for money, commission and profit.   … and if that is you … my intuition tells me you are being very short sighted and myopic and in fact .. missing out on a huge opportunity.
The Estate and lettings agency services you want to sell will not succeed in this 21st century society if you don’t tackle head on the emotional wants of ‘real-life people’.

Your Estate (and Lettings) Agency needs to see past the tags and pige…

Brand Awareness Marketing in Estate Agency

ESTATE AGENTS .. My intuition tells me (and it does you) that just because somebody is aware of a product or service … any product or service … its doesn’t mean they will buy it.
If I asked you to name the main Banks, Car Manufacturers or Supermarkets – you could tell me a long list of them – but you don’t use/buy them, yet think of all the millions wasted by the banks and others telling us about themselves.
Yet when it comes to marketing OUR estate/letting agency services, we focus our attention on gaining brand awareness all the time just like the banks and supermarkets. Reason goes out the window. We, as agents, persuade (and fool) ourselves into believing that attention and awareness inexorably lead to action. We spends loads of money on brand awareness marketing on Rightmove banners, Googles Ads and a5 flyers… hoping to make people choose our agency
You agents are fooling yourselves, because yes, you can buy attention .. but attention or awareness doesn’t make people use your agency…

Facebook Funnels for Estate Agents (Part 1 of 6)

Paul Long - Estate Agent by Day - Facebook Ad Guru by night  (Part 1 of 6)
Paul Long, Director of Estate Agency Drewery and Drewery in Sidcup, was fed up of wasting money on facebook advertising with his estate agency in Sidcup in Kent .. this is Part 1 (of 6) where he shares so much information on what he has learnt. In these series of six videos (which will be released throughout July 2018) - he will share with you lots of valuable information that you can take away and adopt straight away in your estate and lettings agency