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How important are leads in Estate/Letting Agency?

Leads are the life blood of Estate and Lettings Agency, yet there is something about the use of the word ‘lead’ that always makes me uneasy. A ‘lead’ by definition is a potential source of money for you and your agency. 

Now, there is nothing wrong with that, we are in a capitalist society and we are in business to make money …. no money, no business. 

Yet this point of view of seeing potential clients as ‘wallets on legs’ is another thing completely.

I believe most estate agents see these leads, not as humans, but potential transactions that are there to service their need for money, commission and profit.   … and if that is you … my intuition tells me you are being very short sighted and myopic and in fact .. missing out on a huge opportunity.

The Estate and lettings agency services you want to sell will not succeed in this 21st century society if you don’t tackle head on the emotional wants of ‘real-life people’.

Your Estate (and Lettings) Agency needs to see past the tags and pigeon holes we give to the people it serves, and start addressing their hopes, fears, frustrations, dreams, fears and aspirations.