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Estate Agents - How many agents dont get Social Media

Many estate and letting agents habitually make the oversight of jumping feet first into social media without having a defined and clear-cut definition of their agency’s brand and their intent for starting social media.

..and when I say “the brand”,  I don’t mean the pantone colour schemes of your agency, the swanky logos, the choice of font, lifestyle pictures and polished black and white headshots.

When I say brand, I mean you, the agent…. And from that and the brand is how a customer feels about your agency. Your brand is what a one human being tells another human being about what it is to do business with you.

You brand are things like .. Do you keep your promises? Do you care? Do you give or are you a taker? Are you always trying to get or give? How are you trying to get business? Are you the agent that is always available? Those virtues will guide and support every choice you make on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc  from the content you produce and share, the Facebook ads you run and the people you decide to make connections with.

All I know is creating an estate and letting agency brand takes patience and flexibility. Your brand will evolve. The final piece of advice I would give don’t try and be something or someone you arent. Don’t try and put yourself into a pigeon hole or box that doesn’t quite fit. If you don’t like video – don’t do it – do the written word. If you don’t do hard sell – don’t … Just be be true to yourself and you will go far with social media