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How to generate more free valuations

My biggest love .... in LETTINGS!

Do you know what I love about what my wife, my team and I do? Every single one of us comes to work every day to do something we love. We get to inspire letting and estate agents to do the things that inspire them. Its the most wonderful thing in the world. In fact, the fun part is trying to figure out all the different ways we can do that. It really is amazing. The best part is, it is also good for their business as they grow their agencies. That means they do well so we do really well. We work with some of the biggest agents all the way through to passionate new start agents. I'm sure you've seen my posts but next time you have a spare 50 minutes, why dont you do yourself a favour and watch these four educational (and at time entertaining) vidoes on how you could attract new landlords and vendors to your agency?

How to gain the attention and trust of landlords