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What The Ozzies could teach UK Estate Agents

The awesome Iain White talks about what UK Estate Agents could learn from their Ozzie Real Estate Agent Cousins  ...  

Why Your Estate Agent Marketing might not be working

“We have just opened a new office in .... ” “We have sold the most number of houses in …” “Our agents are the leading experts in the (insert name of town) property Market…” blah-blah-blah It really does concern me about the quantity and quality of marketing, leaflets, press releases, tweets, social media posts from agents that always seem to talk about how awesome they are. The first rule of marketing is to understand that your potential clients (i.e. Humans) only care about themselves. After you realise that as estate agents, you can develop a plan to talk about valuable, relevant and compelling messages that the potential landlord or house seller would be interested in (with focus on their pain points). Estate agents Not following this golden rule is one of biggest reasons why many estate agents are failing at their marketing and social media Let's be frank - Does anyone really want to share information or talk about your estate agency ? Not if it’s about your estate …

Your goal has to be the one estate/letting agent people seek out.

Your goal has to be the one estate/letting agent people seek out. 

The agent they don’t want to sell / let their property without your help. The decisive and thought out choice for the homeowners and landlords you serve best. In this every agent is on Rightmove level playing field world, many agents tend to think competition is forgone conclusion - that we will up against thre, four, five , six other agents pitching for the fee val. 

That belief is often our only defence of our slow and digression towards the vanilla boring middle. However, you make a different choice. Be more Neapolitan and choose to be at the edge of agency .. I warn you - It’s the harder choice to make at first, but in the end, it becomes the right choice that frees us to do our best work as an agent

The 5 Steps to Making Your Letting Agency work for you

DO YOU OWN YOUR LETTING AGENCY OR DOES YOUR LETTING AGENCY OWN YOU? Most letting agents who think they own a letting agency, don’t. They are simply self-employed. There is nothing wrong with being self-employed, own your letting agency, it must be able to operate successfully without you. If your letting agency can run without you, congratulations! You have a systemised business that you can scale, grow and perhaps even sell. If you are indispensable to your letting agency, then this book was written for you. In his book FROM STRESS TO SUCCESS by John Paul (Sunday Times UK Letting Agent of the Year 2014 + owner of a 7 office agency operation in County Durham with over 2,000 managed properties) you will learn how to: 1. Review your existing processes so you can improve and systemise them 2. Write a detailed and usable business operations manual 3. Effectively train and develop your team to operate your business without you 4. Lead, rather than simply manage, your business a…

Daren and Susan Cope started their Letting Agency in 2000... this is their story

Daren and Susan Cope started their Letting Agency in 2000.
This is  the story of their ups and down story.. the ups of growing really quickly and adding a second office to have 900  properties under management by 2009, 

The downs of all the Corporates jumping on the Lettings bandwagon at the Credit Crunch and how the business hardly grew between 2009 and 2014. 
How they trialed a new marketing technique which took their portfolio up to 1,450 managed properties by the Summer of 2017. 
How they have dealt with the Tenant fee banned the Online threat .. including moving away from the High street into offices .. its all here .. its like Netflix's for Letting Agents ..



Let's be honest - one of the most difficult rooms to photograph are bathrooms. The rooms are always long and thin, never huge, crappy shower screen, three or twenty four bottles of shampoo and Apricot Husk scrub facial wash, mangy bars soap with things that don't need to be mentioned on such a professional site. Male Splash carpets around the loo with matching foot mat drapped like a Salvador Dali melting clock over the side of the bath ... and come to think of it ... Do you need a picture of porcelain thunderbox? Brochures are designed to get the viewing not the sale, just the like CV gets the interview - not the job. I would suggest 9 times out of 10 - they dont bring anything to the party .. so leave them out


... so we can spam your facebook news feed with posts on telling you how bloody brilliant we are

I hate motivational posters

There’s no elevator to success – you have to take the stairs
Great things come to those that don’t wait
It’s not about being the best .. it’s about being better than you were yesterday

Whilst motivational posters might work for some, including you … have you ever wondered what they do for your staff?

Gunning for success in your estate/lettings is much deeper and more individual than these “motivational memes for the multitudes”.

Motivational sayings and idioms with attractive arty photography does not get people closer to the goal of higher market share, higher fees and happier clients

In fact, pining these posters on the wall of the office .. I have to ask if they are really a misstep for estate/letting agency owners .. in fact .. could they become a point of mockery?

Let me share with you what I believe motivates staff
1. Something greater. People want to be part of a mission that is bigger than themselves. As the boss person of your small estate/letting agent, you need to eloquently and …

What Is The Most Pressing Matter In Your Lettings Agency?

What was the most pressing matter as you got to work today at your Lettings Agency?
What was it that demanded such focused extraordinary, singular and distinct attention from you .. a job only the MD could sort?
.. and here is another question .. how important was it?
I see it all the time with the owners of Agency’s .. especially Letting Agents.
Many agency owners get sucked into sorting an issue with the leaky drain - or the issue with a s.8 notice – or the deposit dispute… they love to dive straight into doing the hectic work— sort those issues – the hero who can sort the problems
.. but I would ask, what if you were on holiday, would that issue get sorted in your absence?
99% of the time yes
So why do you get involved when you aren’t on holiday?
You need to question yourself, why it was worthy of your extraordinary, singular and distinct attention at that moment?
Would you pay someone what you pay yourself to sort a deposit dispute out?
No ..
So why pay yourself?
Your staff, your co…