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I hate motivational posters

There’s no elevator to success – you have to take the stairs
Great things come to those that don’t wait
It’s not about being the best .. it’s about being better than you were yesterday

Whilst motivational posters might work for some, including you … have you ever wondered what they do for your staff?

Gunning for success in your estate/lettings is much deeper and more individual than these “motivational memes for the multitudes”.

Motivational sayings and idioms with attractive arty photography does not get people closer to the goal of higher market share, higher fees and happier clients

In fact, pining these posters on the wall of the office .. I have to ask if they are really a misstep for estate/letting agency owners .. in fact .. could they become a point of mockery?

Let me share with you what I believe motivates staff
1. Something greater. People want to be part of a mission that is bigger than themselves. As the boss person of your small estate/letting agent, you need to eloquently and coherently tell and describe the long-term story of your agency, the journey and commitment of the company and the difference it will make in the world. .. sounds B******ks – but this stuff works
2. Appreciation. Staff want to be recognised that they are adding value to the agency. This usually takes the form of bosses and senior team players showing appreciation… a simple thank you and good job go a long way
3. Above market salary. Pay 20% more – get 120% more back  this will make employees feel valued for their work and allow them to focus at the office. Pay the better- get the best. You can leave them to get on with the job without always holding their hand.
You may not be ready to take down those motivational posters, but just for one minute tonight, before you go to bed .. think back to the time you were an employee … and think of all the good bosses that you loved working for.
Contemplate what really motivated YOU .. so you can do the same for your staff…. Because being a boss and motivating it’s a lot harder than sticking a few A4 motivational posters on the staff room wall with Blutack.

PS I am not anti-motivational poster ... I have been to lots of agents with them on the wall and the place is buzzing (because the bosses adopted the three principles above not because of the bloody posters)