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Tom is an Estate Agent

Tom is an estate agent and started his own estate agency in 1996, long enough to see the world of estate agency turn on its head. Back in the 1990’s and 2000’s, Tom had a page in the local newspaper with his grid of properties every week for £150 a week. Tom stopped newspaper advertising four years ago when he realised it wasn’t giving him any free vals and the punters looked at Rightmove for their properties.
Now Tom pays Rightmove £1500 for their Optimiser package, £300 a month for Google Adwords, £250 a month for his SEO-ninja and £200 for facebook adverts to be found on the t’interweb.
Tom knows a bit about web backlinks and search engine long tail queries while managing the day to day running of an estate agency (and now lettings as well since 2009), keeping the staff motivated all whilst listing, letting and selling property.
Once the prospective house seller or landlord arrives at Tom’s estate agency website – there is nothing to differentiate or discriminate him from his compet…

Part 7 of 15 - Video Training Tutorials for Letting & Estate Agents (Selfie Stick Positioning)

If you are a letting agent or estate agent and you want to learn to confidently use video to grow your agency, then these 15 masterclass training tutorials set of videos are just what you have been looking for.

You'll learn...

The skills to confidently plan, film and edit great videos every time

How to tell a great story and connect with local landlords and homeowners wanting to sell

How to edit and add graphics quickly and easily

How to link your videos back to your strategy and your big goals

What kit to buy

IN THIS VIDEO - Selfie Stick Positioning

Corporate vs Independent Estate Agents - Do the care about their Staff?

One of Twelve Videos in a series filmed in August 2017 on the status of UK Estate Agency.
THIS VIDEO - Are the Corporates letting their staff down? And what is the alternative? Matt Giggs (all round star estate agent with £1m turnover from one office in rural Cambridgeshire) and Christopher Watkin talk about how the Corporates have changed over the years - in some parts for the best and some parts for the worst.

What UK High Street Estate Agency could learn from the slow death of Sunday Newspapers, the success of Savills and why Purplebricks might not succeed after all

I read a recent report that said most newspaper’ s circulation is dropping like a stone, especially at the Weekend.
The difference in their performance of the Sunday newspapers, year on year is quite staggering. The year on year circulation figures, released a few months ago, are eye watering
Daily Star Sunday - down 13.2%Sunday Mirror - down 16.3%Sunday People - down 15.1%Sunday Express - down 5.6%Mail on Sunday - down 7.34%

…. Yet come Sunday 8am … and I heard the newspaper lad deliver next doors half a rainforest Sunday Times (we have been neighbours for 20 years – hence I know which newspaper) and his bag of newspapers was a full as chipmunk cheeks as he biked up the hill to deliver the rest of his heavy load
… because note I said most newspapers in the first paragraph, since The Sunday Times improved its circulation by 3.8% and theSunday Telegraphwas up 2.3%
The Internet Should Have Killed the Newspaper, like it did Woollies and Blockbuster
The t’interweb has killed some long-establi…