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What Makes Your Agency So Different?

As an Estate or Letting Agent, you will predictably be asked what makes your agency so different to the competition. Most agent’s response would be to start with their agency’s features and benefits, telling the person of the advances and improvements you have made to explain (and indeed validate) our existence. 

Yet, how many of you reading this, can hear yourself whilst trying to demonstrate that you are different or better

“We open until 7pm” 
“We have floorplans, videos and 3d pics”
“We are on this or that portal”

Be honest - features the competition could copy in seconds?

The best estate/letting agents don’t start with explanations of their features and benefits. Instead, they tell a story by communicating the amount of love they have put into their agency offering and then have a background story about why their estate/lettings agency needed to exist. 

They show understanding and empathy who they created their agency for and most importantly, why it should matter. The component parts of an agency, the portals, opening hours, 3D pics, video tours can be copied by every agent, but its harder to imitate the heart and soul of your agency

The brand story of your estate/letting agency doesn’t just define what you do, it’s a chance to show why you care to do it.