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3 steps to getting more stock

When it comes to marketing our letting and estate agency services, most agents seem to fall back on the ‘traditional’ ways. We either invite prospective landlords and potential house sellers to look at the impressive features and benefits of our agency Or suggest they notice how much better your letting agency or estate agency is than any other agency in your town. Those strategies may have worked in the 1990’s, when homeowners and landlords were less distracted and had fewer choices, but they don’t cut the ....

Its tougher each year to be a letting and estate agent

Tough out there isn't it?  Can you remember the good old days?  Landlords walked through your door .. The phone rang off the hook for free vals .. Listings were plentiful - fees were good 
But over the last few years - things have progressively got tough for us letting and estate agents. 
The number of agents in your town has grown like a virus. 
But less people are selling Competition is fierce, really fierce Agents prostituting themselves on dirt cheap fees Its hard enough to keep the market share you have - let alone improve it.  I have walked in your shoes fellow agents I was an agent for over 15 years
I thought there had to another way to attract and retain landlords and homeowners in this new world.. 
So, a few years ago, I decided to find another way. Another way, so we could enjoy the job again, get the landlords and vendors we deserve and all with decent fees
I looked at the good, the bad and the indifferent
… and boy there was plenty of bad …. Lots of indifferent
but did see some good .. …

353 Letting Agents in South West London

There are 353 letting agents on Rightmove in South West London.
That’s a lot of agents to choose from
A landlord can choose from one office boutique letting agents, cheap as chips online agents, regional chain agents like Foxtons and Thamesview, national franchises like Martin and Co and Belvoir, national Corporates like Countrywide or Sequence, young whippersnapper agents or old school Chartered Surveyors that have been around since 2BC
Landlords could pay as little as 2% for a managed service or as much as 14% managed .. all for what appears to be the same service
So how do landlords choose a letting agent?

The most important question about being a letting agent - the fear of failure

People are having a hard time figuring out how to succeed in life .. and more important than life .. lettings and estate agency

Let me tell you what is paralysing people

People are scared to fail .. 

I am 45 years old

.. I only have a maximum of 40 summers left in this world .. then I will die ... 

That is fact

You might be 35 .. but that means you only have 50 summers left

You might be 40 .. you only have 45 Summers left

How Red Bull Could Teach us Letting Agents to get more landlords to use our Letting Agency's


Useful content should be at the core of your marketing. That is what Redbull do .. useful content  .. and they could teach us letting agents a thing or two as they are the kings of selling sweet fizzy energy drinks ..


... becuase old school marketing is becoming less and less effective by the day; as a forward-thinking letting agent, you know there has be a better way. .. there is ..its called "content marketing"

Red Bull use this 'content marketing'. You as a letting agent should also think about ..

Working for the Corporates?

Are you an estate agent or letting agent who works for Countrywide, Your Move, Romans, Connells, William H. Brown, Sequence or any of the other big Corporate agents?
Are worried about what your Branch Manager thinks of you?
Trust me ... I wouldn't be.. 
Your Branch Manager is more worried about what their boss, the Area Manager, thinks of them. 
.... and those Area Managers arent worried about what their Branch Managers think of them, no they are worried about their boss, what the Regional Director thinks of them ... and trust me ...
I talk to many Regional Directors .. and all they worry about is what their MD thinks of them ...
... and the MD ... well he or she just cares about the numbers.. the stats .. the profit and loss. 
So my intuition tells me this ... JUST CARE about yourself, your family, your colleagues and your clients ... and the rest will take of itself .. I have been there .. learn from others. You are an awesome estate agent or letting agent .. you go the extra mile. Man…

Lettings - In the real world, in life in general, being perfect is an impossible target

You are an awesome letting agent .. but have you ever thought something was holding you back?

I meet many letting agents and I have started to think there is something.

How Letting Agents Strive for Perfection

Is Perfection holding you back in your Lettings Agency?


If you agree or disagree with me .. my full article about the subject with more written thoughts here ..
I would interested to know your thoughts?
kind regards
Christopher 07950-147-572

6 ways to get more landlords for your lettings agency

Use these six ways to overcome your prospective landlords indifference in swapping letting agents
1. Don’t just shout your letting agency’s name; tell your prospective landlords how you can help them.
2. Before your prospective landlords get distracted by another web site, another ad, or another task, grab their interest by making them curious about how much better off they’ll be with your letting agency. In language your potential landlord would use, write out their concerns and tempt them with the solution you provide.
3. Your prospective landlords want a solution. Use your marketing to demonstrate you can solve their problem. Giving away free tips and ideas to earn their loyalty and their business.
4. You want your prospective landlords to trust you, so make sure they see and read great comments from your satisfied clients. Place testimonials throughout your marketing so your prospects can’t miss them.
5. Give your prospective landlords a compelling reason to read or hear your marketing…

The Only Two Things you Need to Succeed in Lettings (and Estate Agency)

90 sec video on the only two things you need to succeed in lettings

It might surprise you?

2016 was a tough year on Letting Agents - but what of 2017? (part 1)

Some people say life is a journey
.. and boy oh boy … 2017 is going to a tough journey for letting agents
It was due to tough with the continued online hybrid scourge, fellow agents doing cheap as chip fees, touting by every agent under the sun and just as you were getting over removal of tax breaks for landlords you were hit by the imminent banning of Tenant fees a few weeks ago
I think it’s fair to say in 2017 .. your Letting Agency journey may vary from that 2016 .. and 2015 .. and 2014 .. and 2013 .. hold on think about, when I say your Journey may vary .. that's not true.
Your letting agency journey will vary.
You know it will
You thought the journey would get easier as the years’ past
So what are you going do about it?
I have seen many letting agents react to the news – and that’s good because it shows passion, but your passion needs to be centered on purpose, not an unexpected, fruitless provocation. One of my very good letting agent friends has suggested starting a letting agent …