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3 steps to getting more stock

When it comes to marketing our letting and estate agency services, most agents seem to fall back on the ‘traditional’ ways.
We either invite prospective landlords and potential house sellers to look at the impressive features and benefits of our agency
Or suggest they notice how much better your letting agency or estate agency is than any other agency in your town.
Those strategies may have worked in the 1990’s, when homeowners and landlords were less distracted and had fewer choices, but they don’t cut the ....
mustard now.
The much more effective alternative is to not talk about yourself, your agency or your services … and instead talk about your potential landlords or potential house seller … but in their world, starting with their story.
How To Begin Telling Better Letting and Estate Agency Stories
1. Speak to that one landlord or house seller – not everyone all the time
2. Anchor that landlord/house-seller in their existing inadequate reality.
3. Show that landlord/house-seller what his new preferred reality could be in the presence of your agency.
How .. this way ..