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What are you trying to prove by posting Rightmove stats?

Why do so many people repeatedly get the balance between promoting one’s self and modesty so wrong?
If you want people to have a high opinion of you, it is my intuition the key is not to tell them how brilliant you are... but then who is going to sell 'you' to the world? It’s kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario.
I believe the world of estate agency belongs to those who do the work and work hard, but even if you are a successful estate agent, the next question becomes how can you be an awesome estate agent and talk about your successes at the same time?
Loping out a Rightmove Intel Pie chart isn’t one..its bragging and does do you any long term good
Over the coming weeks I will sharing a few tips .. but here is one to keep you going
So Instead of chucking out a Rightmove Intel Pie graph, instead, write a little short-ette, almost like a baby 'sound-bite' about yourself, without coming off as 'in-your-face' or insincere .. something like
“I am so…

Targets in Estate Agency

Let’s say you need to list 16 properties a month, to be able to make your target.
Your target doesn’t care if you don’t really like prospecting for free vals. It doesn’t care if you don’t believe that you should have to go door knocking, nor does it care that touting didn’t give you the free vals you believe you deserve or need. Targets does what targets does.

Targets also doesn’t care if you are idle. Your targets don’t care that you aren’t willing to practice the self-control essential to manage yourself. Your targets isn’t worried that you spend 1hr 40 mins a day (the average for a UK person) on social media with your iPhone screen of countless distractions. 
Targets doesn’t give two monkeys that you had every intent of being a good estate agent, and its really essential to do well in your role. It isn’t even mindful that you have any opinions whatsoever, good, bad, or indifferent. Targets undoubtedly don’t have any feelings. Targets don’t care about your Branch Manager, Teresa May, P…

Ostrich-like Estate and letting Agents

Think about how many hours you’ve wasted this year worrying about how well your fellow letting and estate agency competitors are doing. The meetings where you focused on how to get ahead. 
The internal angst when your numbers wobbled and theirs stayed steady. Let me ask this one question ... are you able to think of one time when your letting/estate agency business gained an advantage by obsessing about the competition?
So i am going to say .. be an ostrich
Everyone thinks the ostrich buries her head in the sand in an attempt to hide when she’s threatened... utter tosh.
What she’s actually doing is tending to the eggs she has laid in a shallow hole in the sand ... turning them over in the nest with her beak.
We all have far more chance of making a difference when we direct our thoughts and energy towards things we can influence and change.

3min video - Why your Social media at your estate/letting agency isn't working as it should be?

How to deal with irrational competitor estate/letting agents and illogical vendors/landlords?

Sell your house £800. We will fully manage your property for 2%.
How the hell do you deal with such illogical agents, one might say irrational competitor estate agents or letting agents? How can they make money at those figures?
Nothing .. stop worrying about them. There is nothing you can do about illogical competitor estate/letting agents.
They are prepared to go places like you can’t and shouldn’t follow. They guarantee to provide value in excess of their tiny fees, even though the reverse is more likely to be accurate, they still win new instructions and listings. As improbable as it may appear, they also keep those properties. Yet there is not one thing you can do about your opponent agent, apart from refining your aptitude and skills to sell value.
Illogical landlords and home sellers are different.
Firstly, before we start, you must realise there are some illogical landlords and house sellers out there that basically can never be reached. Accept that. Notwithstanding how clever the…