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Targets in Estate Agency

Let’s say you need to list 16 properties a month, to be able to make your target.
Your target doesn’t care if you don’t really like prospecting for free vals. It doesn’t care if you don’t believe that you should have to go door knocking, nor does it care that touting didn’t give you the free vals you believe you deserve or need. Targets does what targets does.

Targets also doesn’t care if you are idle. Your targets don’t care that you aren’t willing to practice the self-control essential to manage yourself. Your targets isn’t worried that you spend 1hr 40 mins a day (the average for a UK person) on social media with your iPhone screen of countless distractions. 
Targets doesn’t give two monkeys that you had every intent of being a good estate agent, and its really essential to do well in your role. It isn’t even mindful that you have any opinions whatsoever, good, bad, or indifferent. Targets undoubtedly don’t have any feelings.
Targets don’t care about your Branch Manager, Teresa May, Purplebricks, your unreasonable competitor, your similarly irrational prospective vendor, the online threat, or the fact that the T’interweb is slowly killing estate agency. Targets are targets, unbiased in all issues, punishing some and rewarding others.

If it is difficult to create 16 listings a month, then it isn’t any easier to create 30 in that same month .. isn’t it?