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Two thirds of Estate /Letting Agency Bosses manage their agency and team with fear and apprehension

The vast majority of Estate / Letting Agents are one office operators, probably with handful of staff. Through luck rather than judgement and by the skin of their teeth, they manage to get to the end of each month alive, chasing chains to get the exchanges through or dealing with tenants getting just enough money in to pay the bills. 
As the boss of the agency it’s your job to lead, manage, administer, coach and drive the yourself and your team each month… just to get the pound notes in to pay the bills .. for everything to reset to zero like the mileage odometer in a car on the 1stof the month .. its like walking uphill in treacle …with a 50kg back pack .. 
Like the blind leading the blind most Agency MD’s aren’t conscious of their management style and outlook they bring to their agency. 
Many consume a handful of the up-to-date management books, go to a few workshops yet gradually progress into a leadership style centred on their nature and personality…and here lies the issue.

Don't Start your own Estate /Letting Agency until you have read this

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"If you build it, they will come." The classic line from the late 1980’s movie Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner, yet such advice on starting your estate/letting agency could prove catastrophic for any start-up Estate and Letting Agent in 2019
I see it all the time with 20 and 30 somethings, top class Valuers or Branch Managers, working for the ‘man’, be that Corporate or Indy. They are the very best listing machine around, converting every free val they go on, yet when they open their agency, that same thoroughbred listing machine, who put everything (house, mortgage, car, soul, loans etc) on the line to open their own agency turns out to be not very good at generating valuations.
It doesn’t matter how good you are at converting if you have nothing to convert.
Most great valuers/listers are simply not good at generating their own free vals?  Harsh but true
Don’t believe me? Look back over your last 30 free vals – how many of those did you generate yourself…