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Estate Agents on TV talking about their local property market

These short videos are what estate and letting agents are doing up and down the UK to attract landlords and homeowners to their agency .. by talking not about themselves, their agency, or their services .. but about something landlords and homeowners love .. the local property market
By talking about the local property market .. they are becoming the local property expert
This is what good looks like … Kate from Cardiff gives great advice for Cardiff landlords …. talks about what Brexit is doing(and might do) to the Northampton Property market …… from Medway gives great buy to let advice in this video and gives opinion on what to buy .. Caley from Watford gives great advice on this video for landlords … from Hampstead gives his opinion on a good buy to let deal .. is Spencer again ..…

Do people believe what you you believe?

As estate and letting agents, it’s so much easier to adopt default thinking and lead by telling homeowners and landlords what we do—which is why most estate and letting agents do it. But you are not most businesses. Your potential clients are waiting for you to give them something to believe in and to take them where they want to go.


‘That’s the fifth property I have lost this month to the competition’. You think, am I losing my mojo? Your Area Manager is on your back, because you aren’t hitting your targets. You can see it in the slightly squinting eyes of that Neg’s the look of distain (when another listing goes to opposition) as they back-stabbingly subtly (yet sarcastically) drop in to the conversation at the morning meeting in front of everyone, ‘Isn’t that the 2 bed apartment you went to last week’ as they go through the listings on Rightmove from the day before (when you know damn well she knows its the one). Your diary starts to fill of the cr*p free vals as the decent stuff goes to your arch rival Valuer/Lister in the office.You feel you team doesn’t have your back and you start to worry.
How do we deal with the Voice in our head who enjoys creating uncertainty? How do we deal with the Neg carrying around a world full of pain that she needs to share by bitching how rubbish you are as a lister around the offic…


22nd July 1991 – my first day as an estate agent.I was going through my old papers and I found my own Valuer/Lister workshop training notes from the early 90’s At those meetings ..  I liked to write stuff down, I used to write everything down (it looked good as the new boy). The notes, taken from the Area Manager, were all about him banging on about needing more stock. I wrote phrases like ‘these are tough times with all the corporates taking over estate agency – we need to fight back’ … ‘these are shaky times as other agents over valuing to get he listing… ‘these are ambiguous times in agency as agents quote cheap fees’ …
He would go on at every monthly meeting about a lack of stock, cheap fees, corporates and over valuing because without decent stock, at decent fees and decent asking prices  …. we wouldn’t be able to whether the storm and the bosses would close our office down… and we would be all out of job .. then would be able to pay the mortgage.. then we would be homeless .. .. s…


.... too many business people assume everything will be OK in the future .. but it might not be - so surely it might be better to assume it might be challenging and have a plan to deal with it?

My thoughts on the `Hybrid vs Online vs High St' argument

Well, what the hell I thought .. let me throw my two-peneth into the argument

Here is a 4 min video with my thoughts on the subject.

Video - How to be different from your Competitor Agents

Link to the Video .. enjoy!

London - Breaking into the toughest Estate and Lettings Agency Market in the UK

How do you break into and grow in the country's most competitive estate and letting market - London... Estate agents are flooding London’s high streets with an average of 83 branches in each borough, according to The Evening Standard. London now has more than 2,600 estate agents. Seven boroughs, including Wandsworth and Kensington and Chelsea, have more than 100, with Westminster having the most at 179.

How to start or even grow in this market .. here is how ... A 3 min 45 sec videoon how to break into and grow in the country’s most competitive estate and letting market – London…. Link here for Video on Youtube Why do they work? Well, let’s look at our agent friend in Wimbledon …Do you think Wimbledon Homeowners and Wimbledon landlords are interested in what is happening in the Wimbledon property market .. yeah! Now, replace the word Wimbledon with your town or suburb – and repeat that sentence .. again a big yes…. Every homeowner and landlord wants …

Online Agents vs High St Agents - Will it kill estate / lettings agency?

How the hell can online agents be so cheap? Low costs! If an estate (or lettings) agency has higher costs, it needs to charge a higher fee to cover those costs (and hopefully make a profit). However, most people would agree that a higher estate agency fee doesn’t necessarily mean a better estate agency service…  but .. The likes of eMoov and other online agents didn’t set up for fun, but to make money and provide for their founders and their family. Those online agents believe there is a place for an estate agency service that charges either £595 to list or £995 on completion. They don’t have expensive shops around the UK so can charge that “low fee’ and if they can make a decent living off the back of that – good for them, because I believe there will always be sector of population that are driven by price alone  – and the online model fits that perfectly. But if you believe their hype they, the onliners and hybrids, will take over the world of estate agency .. especially if you listen …