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Estate Agents on TV talking about their local property market

These short videos are what estate and letting agents are doing up and down the UK to attract landlords and homeowners to their agency .. by talking not about themselves, their agency, or their services .. but about something landlords and homeowners love .. the local property market

By talking about the local property market .. they are becoming the local property expert

This is what good looks like …

Emma from Martin and Co in Chelmsford  and her awesome buy to let deals of the day (note they are on the market with opposition agents – which sounds weird – but people look at you as independent and then look up to you) A selection of three videos and a link to the blog where you can see, what i consider, is the the best Estate Agent and letting Agent blog in the UK

… and here is the good bit. All these were done on an iPhone (with exception of Jeremy who used a normal digital camera).  No expensive equipment or film crew. Estate and lettings Agency is a people business .. and nothing proves it more than seeing you!

.. but let me save the best bit to the end. All these agents were trained, guided and supported on the techniques of video not by gong on fancy courses but by fellow letting and estate agents like you. You see, on Facebook, there is a group of 300  Letting And Estate Agents … all of whom help each other out to get more business – they share ideas and opinions, the older ones supporting the younger ones .. all with a mission to helping each other grow.

It doesn’t cost anything to be part of this group and its called called ‘Landlord farming Club’. If you fancy joining, just go to Facebook and type in ‘Landlord farming Club‘. No cost, no obligation (although can I ask you also drop me a PM via this site or PM me via Facebook or email me once you have sent the request to join the Facebook group to say where you are the UK as an agent – it will enable me to accept you in quicker)

At the moment in the group we talking about our up and coming Summit were 70 agents will come to gather (we do it every 6 months) to share ideas and advice, we are talking about newsletters and the best way to get your articles about the locals property market into newspapers for free ..

Hope to see you in our club!

kind regards


Christopher Watkin
Ghostwriter  for Estate and Letting Agents
07950 147 572