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London - Breaking into the toughest Estate and Lettings Agency Market in the UK

How do you break into and grow in the country's most competitive estate and letting market - London... Estate agents are flooding London’s high streets with an average of 83 branches in each borough, according to The Evening Standard. London now has more than 2,600 estate agents. Seven boroughs, including Wandsworth and Kensington and Chelsea, have more than 100, with Westminster having the most at 179.

How to start or even grow in this market .. here is how ... A 3 min 45 sec videoon how to break into and grow in the country’s most competitive estate and letting market – London….
Link here for Video on Youtube
Why do they work?
Well, let’s look at our agent friend in Wimbledon …Do you think Wimbledon Homeowners and Wimbledon landlords are interested in what is happening in the Wimbledon property market .. yeah!
Now, replace the word Wimbledon with your town or suburb – and repeat that sentence .. again a big yes….
Every homeowner and landlord wants to deal with the agent they perceive to be the expert .. the local property expert .. but how do you prove that?
Easy .. show people you are the local property guru – and if you think about it – 100% of property owners live in the property they own (obvious but often the most simple things are) and every survey says 50% to 60% of landlords live in the same town or city they have BTL property in.
You know where your potential clients are and you know what interests them .. so just talk about that .. the local property market .. your local property market in a monthly newsletter that you can deliver through the letter box of every middle to upper class house in your patch, then email it to your database and finally, get it out on social media
The newsletters are ghostwritten by our team of seven writers and written on either on Postcode districts in London e.g. SW12 or SE3.
The reports can be done for any town or City in England and Wales as well e.g. Slough or Hereford.
Below is both sides of the A4 newsletter .. side by side .. but to download this months edition via Google Drive .. click here

If you want to find if your postcode is available  .. email me on 
Does it work? Well don’t take my word for it .. listen to these 10 agents on these two short videos ..
Five agents  ..