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Landlord Farming Courses in January 2015

I have a number of people who have expressed interest in joining one of my courses in the New Year to help them grow their lettings agency business (and estate agency if appropriate). Following feedback from previous attendees, the course will now be run over two days and have more content. During the course, on top of what was covered in the previous course, attendees will set up their own blog during the course, instead of just learning to write the articles, they will also write their own articles. The residential sales leaflet will shown and written, which in early trials is proving popular in obtaining valuable sales business. Therefore, the date of the course is Thursday 22nd January/ Friday 23rdJanuary 2015.The maximum number attendees is six.

The lunchtime food, coffee and cold drinks during the daytime course is included. The attendees will responsible for their overnight accommodation costs. Bed and breakfast rate at the Hotel we are holding the course in is £70 for a single …

Stereotypes of estate agents usually run deep

...... and they can restrain our ability to network, grow and work well. 
Stereotypes, however, are not inherently bad—rather, they give someone a reference point to inform them during a new situation. Holding too tightly to a stereotype isthe problem. Much of the public continue to view us in traditional ways, and even tar letting agents with the same brush.  

Dismissing the existence of estate agency stereotypes will not get them to disappear. As a result, a critical part of networking as agents involves quickly dispelling those stereotypes as you interact with people or other groups and market yourself. 
How? Stop talking yourself, stop talking about what you have sold or let this week, how cheap your fee’s are or what professional bodies you belong to .. talk about something that interests your potential clients (be they landlords or home sellers)  ... the local property market .. like these people do ....

Why some letting agents dont realise the world has changed

I don’t think there’s a shortage of letting agents who want to grow and flourish. I think the lettings agency business has plenty of great opportunities for agents to grow or new entrants to start and grow... 

It’s the will of those agents to realise the world has changed and until agents realise they themselves need to be remarkable in what they do, to get even the attention of landlords, let alone their interest, thus breaking through the apathy of a landlord 

.. you will never get a landlord to even realise you AREN'T just another agent, let alone ring you or even swap agents


Competition is the lifeblood of estate and letting agency business.... stop worrying about them and start worrying how you can get yourself more free valuations and market appraisals .. because it is these that determine if they beat you or you beat them.

Keep smiling!

.... that's enough smiling .. go get me some free vals!

Letting Neg's Commissions? The silent killer to your agency?

Letting and Estate Agents don’t often command much respect, do they? Modern Letting and Estate Agents have created a business model so opaque that landlords, vendors, tenants and buyers don’t really understand all the work done by Letting and Estate Agency staff. The result is that they often don’t value us the way they should. In the future, the idea of Letting and Estate Agents, on the High Street, as physical space MIGHT be vague or nonexistent with the onslaught on the online agents . 
The way High Street agents can avoid this is by better educating all our stakeholders, especially our landlords and vendors about the role of modern agents, our vision for the future, and how the management of property and the selling of property brings value to them.
The ability to network is critical in a social work environment, whether that’s a Letting and Estate Agency who is a corporate, an independent Letting and Estate Agency, High Street, Hybrid or even online a corporate or any other kind. T…

5 reasons agents are rubbish at blogging

Ok, you have decided to write your blog, a blog about your local property market because this guy says it will get you more landlords flooding to your door .. and because most agents are a competitive bunch, you want to be great at it, you want your blog to be the best.

But here is the problem,  it’s not like we get a lot of direct (and honest) opinions about how great we actually are… I mean, in the real world, your mates and family will tell you that you are the best. Yes, you will always get the vampires and ‘scumsuckingpondlife’ that will tell you that you’re rubbish, but you ignore them, or do you? The problem is, but I find in life, the negative comments  always seem to stick more than the positive ones, and the things your friends say … well, they just don’t have the guts to say anything bad. So how can you find out for sure? (I don’t know about you, but the misery of losing a property to the competitor is much deeper than the happiness of getting the instruction when you were u…

Just take a minute to think before you post something on social media

... Will what you post on Linkedin do the following ??? 
Help someone OR make someone laugh OR make someone think OR make someone change OR most importantlybe genuinely interesting to the reader (and not just you, your boss and your Mum ... eg look what we have done/won/sold/let)....because if it doesnt do any of those things.. 

Why are exactly are you posting? 

Social media is just a form of communication, it is what you and I would say face to face, but just put down on a computer screen.

The only thing landlords are interested in....

How to combat Cheap Fee agents ..

AGENTS ... Work your way to the bottom

What will it cost you to start writing about your local property market?

Free valuations are the No.1 most important thing in lettings/estate agency