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Starting your own estate and letting agency?

I know a number of people who have decided to start their own estate and letting agents from the comfort of their own kitchen table in the last few months. They believe they can start a lettings/estate agency business and make it succeed because they are an awesomely good lister, and so that will make them an overnight success.

Yes, you might be a ‘Lady of Listings’, the ‘Caesar of the Conversion Rates’,the ‘Maharajah of Market Appraisals’, the ‘Lord of Listings’, the ‘Prince of Puttn’ng’ dem on da market’.... but are you a good free valuation generation machince.

Letting Agent Top Trumps - do you play that game?

Without a doubt, there's an agent in your town who lists more than you, if you are part of a group or chain, there will be an office that has a higher profit or some other target. There will be a negotiator in your office who gets paid more. There will be a fellow manager who gets praised a little too much for the contribution they do. There will a competitor agent with more followers on Twitter or more likes and more of just about anything you'd like to measure. 

Estate or lettings agency like a game of Top Trumps, isn’t it? (wiki link for those who need reminding about Top Trumps)

I want to change the face of estate agency in the UK

If you are going to have a cause, at least make it a worthwhile one like ridding the world of poverty and disease.
Maybe you started your estate agency (and lettings at that) because you thought you could do a better job than your old boss .... you wanted to prove them wrong.
Sorry, they dont give a **** about you, so why should you about them?
OK, you did it to improve the lifestyle of your family, so they could have the fancy holidays and big houses and cars?

Nope .. you started your agency for yourself. 

Starting your own business is important(important to you .. and your Mum but she would be proud whatever you did) and if you are doing something important, you are working to make change happen.

Will online agents take over the world of estate / letting agents?

Be honest, nobody really knows the right answer, nobody knows exactly what will happen, nobody, not even EasyProp, eMoov or House Simple with their millions can produce the future they want, on demand.
Now I know some people are better at speculating than others ... but not by much.
The people who are supposed to know rejected James Dyson when he peddled his vacuum cleaner, Hewlett-Packard and Atari both rejected a couple of chaps called Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak when they presented their home computer to them. Decca rejected the Beatles and just about every record company rejected Ed Sheeran because he was slightly chubby and ginger. 
 Even Warren Buffet, the billionaire entrepreneur made a $100 billion mistake in the late 1960’s by buying his insurance business through the publically listed Berkshire Hathaway instead of his own investment partnership hedge fund.Had he bought it the other way, he would be worth $170 billion not the $70 billion he is worth today.
I am of the opinion th…

Rightmove Adverts to be banned?