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3 Steps to Lead Gen In Estate Agency

Most estate agents focus on lead generation, not realising that success with leads is a 3-step process. The process involves 1. generating the leads, 2. nurturing the leads, and 3. converting the leads. Each part of the process is important if an estate agent is going to find success and get the listings. Generating the leads is obviously important because if no leads are generated, then no listings can happen. Yet what most Estate Agents don’t understand is that the average incubation period from a lead being generated to lead being converted is between four to eighteen months. Recognising this, the 2nd step of nurturing the leads during the vital incubation period is vitally important. This then leads to the 3rd step, conversion. This is the process of guiding the homeseller into and through a successful listing. When you focus on all 3 steps, your leads then become your clients.
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Estate Agents - ls this the reason your marketing isn’t getting you the listings?

I believe to build a successful estate & letting agency business, the most successful way is to do it via branding rather than sales. I believe that building an estate agency brand is the key to long-term success, and that focusing on sales and quick transactions can lead to being forgotten. The main difference between branding and sales, is that branding focuses on creating an experience, while sales focus on conversion. (Note - branding isn’t your logo, office refit or new boards - it’s something completely different) The greatest companies in the world, like Apple, focus on branding by showcasing how their products will change customers' lives and building relationships rather than simply selling their products. So how does ‘brand marketing’ look in estate agency? Savills are the best imho when it comes to Estate Agency ‘branding’ marketing.( remember- when I say branding I dont mean logos etc ). They create content on the property market that all the national newspapers pub

How Good are London Estate Agents?

The top 10 Inner London Estate Agents - which is the best? Well, the top 10 is measured by the total number of listings in the last 12 months. They are in alphabetical order: Barnard Marcus Chestertons Dexters Foxtons Hamptons Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward Knight Frank Purplebricks Savills Winkworth Inner London is the E / EC / N / NW / SE / SW / W / WC postcode districts So how would you decide which is best? How about the percentage of properties they list that subsequently exchange contracts on? Yet this is the bit that messes your mind up ... the differences in their exchange-to-listing ratio is wild. Here are the stats in numerical order 27.83% of listings exchange contracts 30.59% of listings exchange contracts 34.88% of listings exchange contracts 37.44% of listings exchange contracts 41.32% of listings exchange contracts 43.37% of listings exchange contracts 51.74% of listings exchange contracts 56.07% of listings exchange contracts 57.10% of listings exchange contracts 57.34%

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Starting Your Own Estate Agency

Starting your own Estate Agency can be a daunting and challenging process, especially for those who have something to lose. When we have steady Valuers or BManager, it can be difficult to take the leap of faith and start our own agency. It is only when we are pushed against the wall with no other options, such as being laid off, that diving headfirst into starting your own agency may seem like the only choice. However, for those who have something to lose, the fear of losing everything can be a daunting thought. When I left Belvoir to pursue my own entrepreneurial journey, I knew that I was giving up my earning potential and savings that I could have secured by continuing to ascend the corporate ladder. This fear can be amplified when you are at the beginning of your journey and have no idea of the outcome that you will achieve. Running around like a headless chicken🐔 around for months or even years, experiencing a short-lived success that eventually burns out, or encountering success