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Letting Agents need to be detail orientated people .. its part of the job

The last thing a letting agent would ever dream of being is slipshod, careless, lackadaisical, slapdash, disorganised, unorganised or haphazard
They would never be hit-or-miss .. and god forbid anyone ever thinking they were negligent, neglectful, remiss, lax, slack and slovenly..
Get it right, 100% perfect .. every time
Make it sparkle .. make it perfect
.. but does getting it perfect make it more likely that you will create something significant?
I don't think so.
There's no apparent link/connection or relationship between doing something perfect and it being important and significant
Instead, my intuition tells me the most important issue is whether or not you have truly and essentially done the work to make something extraordinary/amazing/ big-hearted/kind / thought-provoking/interesting/ intriguing and above all …. Useful
Is that why you holding back from doing videos or even landlord farming itself?
Many letting agents (not all) love clear cut boundaries in order to feel comfor…
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What happens when every estate agent jumps on the content marketing bandwagon?

Will we ever have too much content with content marketing?
As social media and the content given on it appears to be almost limitless and to a point, free, people are spending more on experiences. Roll the clock back to the 1990’s, musical artists would make their pound notes selling singles and albums. Now we are in 2018, and most music is heard to for free. Those same musicians need to make their money , so it’s all mostly made from their concerts, and merchandise Wasn’t it Ed Sheeran who said he was happy his music was pirated Artists are content to allow their tunes played on the internet or streamed for 0.000000001p a stream, because by people listening to their music .. they can earn money from concerts and the ‘tat’ they sell at them .. they are earning the money from the ‘artist experience’ .. not the “artist’s CD” Just like people will have a heart attack if you want them to pay £3 to watch a film on streaming services and will wait, those same people will pay £100/£200/£300/£5…

Getting the fee or salary you deserve

The issue is .. most of the time … you never do Instead, you get the fee what landlords/vendors think you are worth or the salary your boss thinks you are worth
So, if you are going to get the fee/salary you deserve .. you need to appreciate the position from the point of view of the landlord/your boss.
In the place of feeling unappreciated or not respected, pi$$ed off and down beat, can I suggest instead you can put all your efforts and direction on making and generating a reputation that people (landlords/house sellers/your boss) consider is worth more?
You see, in this world, people don't make purchasing decisions based on what is good for you … they do stuff that is good for them …and they can only make those decisions centred on what THEY see, what THEY need and what THEY believe.
Now I often see in this world that we as humans sell ourselves too short – I’m guilty of it – as I am sure you are sometimes.
Often … we don't ask for pound notes (fee/salary) proportionate with the …