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Estate Agnets - Saying one thing and doing something else

Estate Agents - This is happening right now. Whilst your estate agents website says you love serving your local community and you are passionate about the local property market. You are leading member of the local Chamber of Commerce and you supports the local football club, yet if someone spent 60 seconds checking you out on Linkedin it would show you moaning about Purplebricks or and Facebook where you love getting rat ar$ed on Jaggerbombs and no posts about football team and the Chamber what????
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Lost the love for estate and lettings agency?

In our highly competitive, some might even say ferocious game of estate (and lettings?) agency, here is how it's supposed to work:
Decide you want to make a difference in estate and lettings agency – so start your own agencyHire awesome friendly staff that go the extra mileHave a decent website, boards and marketingWork your ar$e off to even get those early free valsWork until stoop’o’clockLeading your staff, talisman like .. as everyone puts in loads of overtime on their time .. because they are on the journey with youYou are extraordinary, non-standard anduniqueGet every property on your books at decent feesArrange Viewings and conduct negotiationsBag the Sale, celebrate every little win… and whilst its hard…. Its brilliant being an agent

In essence your passion and drive to offer a professional, connected, even memorable awesome estate and lettings agency service and experience shines out ..
Like a beacon…
A crusader for awesome estate / lettings agency … that vendors and landlor…

A good estate/letting agency, like a good person, it must be about more than itself.

But why do we use the most powerful communication medium known to mankind (the internet) and abuse the hell out of it. To really understand the power of the internet, we have to go back in time .. not look forward
The miracle of the internet is that the people looking are in charge and have the control to block and avoid anything.
The t’interweb makes communication democratic and helps make a better world.
Please take that on board and bury it in your head and heart.
Instead of talking about yourself and your firm, ask “How can we help you with your fears, frustrations, aspirations and hopes?”
Grow a distinctive, preserved and useful story about you and your estate agency story… a story that comes from your audience’s real-life experience’s, its fears, frustrations, aspirations and hopes and how you have helped other homeowners and landlords with similar fears, frustrations, aspirations and hopes.
Always remember that the key to success in estate agency marketing is to give potential cl…

Two Carrots and a Lettings Agency

My Nan used to tell me of the personal service at a local greengrocers shop in Grantham, even if she was only buying two carrots for the soup she was planning to make for lunch. A real conversation followed and best carrots were chosen for the soup. By the time the pounds shillings and pence changed hands the greengrocer knew who the soup was for, all the ingredients, how she was going to make it and what she was going to do with the leftovers
In the old days, most companies collected information because they were interested in helping, so they could serve us better. Today we always seem to ask for the punter’s email address. We collect their email address, not out of interest, but often just to get something from it, to enable us to sell them something. 
Have we as an industry (and a world?) permitted productivity to kill the joy from our work as an estate agent?
Our preoccupation with optimising and wringing every last drop out of every vendor / tenant / buyer / landlord contact has gu…

Estate Agents are the Walking Dead

All solicitors appear to be the same. All accountants appear to be the same All travel agents appear to be the same
… well that what it appears like from the outside
…and I hate to break it to you .. so do Estate and Letting Agents from the outside view
We are robot like, we look the same, we all sound the same and we all act the same.
Now you know you don’t, but you are looking at from inside .. I am talking about the outside view .. the view  from people out of the industry looking in
Too many estate agents look the same. For example, “we are professional agents” is not a distinctive identity, Melissa says. Every estate agency company should be professional.  
Each estate agency must have a distinguishing and unique identity (and that doesn’t mean you have a particular pantone colour in your logo) that make its agency services, and employees unquestionably its own.
Every estate and letting agent service’s are similar to its competitors’, so you must determine, find and celebrate what makes …

Agnets - missing a trick?

ESTATE AGENTS .. something tells me you are missing a trick here with your marketing of your estate agency. My intuition tells me estate agents can most easily get to the gut of the homeowner not by proving they are any better than the estate agency competition, but by being culturally relevant. Estate agents arent so much competing for attention over other estate agents ( which what your marketing is trying to do); instead, I believe estate agents are competing for attention full stop. .. The 95% of people who have no intention of moving in the next 12 months don't give two hoots what you did as an agents - so instead of trying to have a 'mines bigger than yours competition' talking about price achieved and service - why not talk about stuff that 100% of Homeowners as fascinated about - the WHOLE of your local property Market?

45min Podcast on how to systemise your lettings agency

LETTING AGENTS - listen to this 45min lecture PODCAST by the King of Letting Agents - John Paul from Castledene (Sunday Times Letting Agent Award winner 6 times) on how to save yourself loads of money and costs by systemising your lettings agency bull ... lots and lots of detail

Estate Agents - Your problem isn’t a lack of stock .

Estate Agents - Your problem isn’t a lack of stock ... stop kidding yourself. Before you can sell yourself or your agency and get that free val - the free val that will get you the listing so you can sell it and earn money .. every single one of the 22,500 individual estate agency offices in Uk needs something quite else .. THE ONE THING THAT WILL GET THE FREE VAL Whether you are Savills, Countrywide, small independent agency, regional chain .. you all need this THING ..and it's quite simple what that thing is the homeowners’ ATTENTION No matter how awesome your agency is .. without attention you can’t get Awareness and engagement and without engagement you can’t build interest + trust ( and you need those if you want the business) Your brand awareness advertising won’t give you attention you need .. you ignore adverts nowadays in your day to day life - so why should your banner or newspaper ad do anything different to other people? FFS - UK Estate Agency - stop wasti…

Why Every Business Owner Needs a Plan to Succeed

John Cottrell - multi award-winning Business Coach from ActionCoach UK talks to Christopher Watkin about the fears, frustrations, hopes and aspirations of being your own boss and running a business. In a series of interviews, John and Chris talk about those issues .. in this episode we talk about Why Every Business Owner Needs a Plan to Succeed

GUEST BLOG POST - Thoughts on Estate Agency

I’ve been an Estate Agent since 1999, worked through good markets, exceptional markets and bad markets.After 18 years I have had enough.
Through that time, although technology, businesses and peoples housing needs have evolved, Estate Agency has failed to keep pace.
Unfortunately a large proportion of High Street agents have an outdated and sometimes just downright poor attitude. Our job is not just opening a door, hoping for an offer and selling a house. We are looking after what is for most people the largest investments that they make in their lifetime, not just financially, but emotionally too. As such we have a duty of care to ensure they receive the best, most informed service available. This is something that is just not happening.
There is a reason why Purplebricks keep talking about ‘Local Property Experts’. That is because that is what people want from their agent.
They want expertise in the sales process, they want their agent to genuinely …