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5 Steps to Getting More Landlords & Vendors

Content marketing for Estate & Letting Agents a long-term strategy because your own outlook needs to be long-term. If you don't, you will fall into the short-term trap so agents do with content marketing, and give up within a few months Yet don't be worried and think it will take forever and ever to get listings and managed properties. The first step is to create amazing content specifically for local landlords or homeowners Second, post organically in local Facebook groups based on your geographical location + post to your sphere of influence (ie your email database) Third, boost that by running paid Facebook targeted ads to your whole target market in your locality to turbo consumption of the content in point 1 Forth, if you created the right content and then distributed it awesomely, you will create increased brand awareness for your agency, which in turn, (again if the content is spot on) create awareness you solve problems for landlords and vendors, and thus create opp
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Estate Agent: Got Staffing Issues?

How a possible property market recession could cure your staffing needs in your Estate & Letting Agency As the Bank Of England increases interest rates, the increased borrowing costs and cost of living issues will surely mean people who were already stretching household budgets to finance their next home purchase are probably going to reach their limits. It will be a 180-degree reversal from the last few years of increasing house prices turbocharged by rock bottom mortgage rates and government tax stimulus, together with some lockdowns that made remote work popular and sent homeowners on the hunt for bigger homes. This means this market can not continue forever. One of the biggest issues over the last year or so for Estate Agency bosses has been the retention and attraction of good staff/ colleagues. I have seen Estate Agency bosses paying over the odds for B and C team players, as it is near impossible to hire A players. Yet that could change. The U.K. sold 1.4m households last ye

5 reasons to contact people on your Estate Agency Database/ CRM

5 reasons to contact people on your Estate Agency Database/ CRM Give them a call to see how they are doing and to find out if they still ❤️ their home Give them a tinkle with info about a property that just sold in their local housing estate and it compares to their home and its value Text them info about a home in their local housing estate (With any agent) that just came on to the market and How it compares to their home. WhatsApp them an unsolicited video valuation with an updated valuation of their home (use a solo recorded Zoom call with a picture of their home behind you and Don’t forget to utilise the 123 method on that video valuation) Friend them on Facebook and send them a message with details on how changes in the whole of the property market are affecting the value of their home.  

#4 Top Text/SMS messages you can send to Free Vals that didn't go on the market

#4 Top Text/SMS messages you can send to Free Vals that didn't go on the market The first thing I would do, as soon as it doesn't come on the market, is set up a Rightmove alert for houses like theirs within a 0.5 / 1-mile radius (depending on location) When an email comes through to you, I would cut and paste the Rightmove URL and send it to the potential vendor. Just email them out every time it comes on, or sells, etc. Then after a few months .. text them with stuff like these 4 suggestions ... [name], I just wanted to make sure you are receiving the emails that I have been sending with the sales activity of homes like yours. I don’t want to send you too much, but I do want to ensure I am providing the info you want and need. [name] Should I make any changes to the number of emails or types of properties I am sending? [name] I clocked your post on Facebook about [what they posted about]. Congratulations (or whatever the ending should be!) [name] I am not 100% sure if you saw

The War of The Lister

  It’s only after stepping out of day-to-day valuing and reflecting on estate agency life that I have come to realise that most listers are fighting a war that no one else is participating in. I used to tell myself there were all the other agents fighting against me. Yet that’s simply not the case. I was in fact fighting against my own demons. The emotion of gaining the listing should be the same as the emotion of losing a listing - albeit one is positive and the other negative Yet it isn’t is it? We have all put ten houses on the market in a row and felt good, yet lost number 11 and our world has been ripped out Why? Because the type of person and their personality type that tend to become listers are particularly fearful of one thing. Rejection You aren’t in battle with other agents - you are in a battle with yourself. How did I start to get over that fear? Well it never goes away fully for me - yet I have learned to control it - and so can you I have learned to manage my emotions by