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5 Steps to Awesome Estate Agency Marketing

Since the dawn of time, people telling stories to each other (ie story-telling) has set the way we work and operate as human beings
Our society, principles, culture, learning, knowledge have past down from father to son, grandfather to grandson, mother to daughter to a point where it has become the bedrock of human society and the only true way humans have understood the world around us.
The importance of stories is rooted in the way humans think, act, work, live, communicate, interact and enjoy ourselves, so it’s no surprise that story-telling keeps returning to the marketing limelight.
Cracking the code to story-telling has the potential to allow you to generate something that is more notable, remarkable (ie to remark about) and memorable than anything your fellow competitor agents are doing.
Yet, how do estate and letting agents even begin to tell “The Awesome Story of Your Estate / Letting Agency Brand”?.. a story that people want to listen to and ultimately get you the vendors and l…

Should you be offering an Online Estate Agency Package alongside your High Street package?

There is one thing that stops potential vendors dead in their tracks
No matter how enthusiastic they are about signing up with your estate agency, I have noticed there is that one obstruction that if potential vendors ever come across, it is going to make the listing really difficult to nail.
I was on a coaching telephone call with one of my estate and letting agency clients, and he asked me a really good question. He has been an agent for over ten years in a decent sized market town in the South of England, listing 20 to 25 resi sales properties a month at fees around 1.1% to 1.2% .. 
What particularly smarted him in the Autumn was he lost a couple of listings to the Purple-ones …it really threw him sideways. He thought he had nailed both of them, yet as it normal with joint owners, both said, “You are the best agent we have seen, I will speak to my other half tonight to confirm” … only to see a Rightmove listing with “Briques Pourpres” (that’s French that is) a few days later
He wasn’t …

One reason is that most estate agents don’t get the listings and fees they deserve ...

One reason is that most estate agents don’t get the listings and fees they deserve is their marketing is too passive and sporadic. Estate Agents think, “I try to do a great job to get myself out there, so with any luck potential house sellers and landlords will recognise that and give me a call.” But let’s be honest with ourselves .. that is not how it works in this world This is what I see .. We do our marketing in short sprints. When things are quiet- we turn on the marketing tap full blast, spend loads of time and money .. yet as soon as it gets busy, we haven’t got the time, marketing goes on pause. Then in a few months it goes quiet, we panic, we turn on the marketing tap full blast again … and the circle continues. Feast, Drought, Feast, Drought However, each time we turn on the tap, the results we get are slightly less each time. We have to spend a little bit more in money and time each time BUT we get a little less each time in return. There is an ‘other way’ Another way to get a stea…