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One reason is that most estate agents don’t get the listings and fees they deserve ...

One reason is that most estate agents don’t get the listings and fees they deserve is their marketing is too passive and sporadic.
Estate Agents think, “I try to do a great job to get myself out there, so with any luck potential house sellers and landlords will recognise that and give me a call.”
But let’s be honest with ourselves .. that is not how it works in this world
This is what I see ..
We do our marketing in short sprints. When things are quiet- we turn on the marketing tap full blast, spend loads of time and money .. yet as soon as it gets busy, we haven’t got the time, marketing goes on pause. Then in a few months it goes quiet, we panic, we turn on the marketing tap full blast again … and the circle continues.
Feast, Drought, Feast, Drought
However, each time we turn on the tap, the results we get are slightly less each time. We have to spend a little bit more in money and time each time BUT we get a little less each time in return.
There is an ‘other way’
Another way to get a steady stream of house sellers and landlords .. without it costing you the earth in time and money. Something that drips, drips, drips, drips in the background.
 There is a downside to the ‘other way’ .. so most of you reading this won’t want to put in the homework, hard work or have the patience to wait for it to kick in.
However, if you in the estate agency/letting agency game for the long term, want to find out why over 1,100 agents use this method … type my name, CHRISTOPHER WATKIN, into YouTube and watch the 180+ videos I have produced on getting the landlords/vendors you deserve at the fees you want.
Like I always say .. the ‘other way’ isn’t for everyone .. but it might be for you? If you haven’t got time to watch those videos and find out more .. well - let me refer you to the third to last paragraph….