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The reason your SEO isnt working for your Estate Agency

I have been getting a number of unhappy and irritated emails from Estate and Letting Agency owners who have spent money to get people to visit their agency’s website. Frequently, they have paid for Rightmove banners, SEO or Google AdWords with the anticipated the web traffic to come to their website — which invariably is does, it just it doesn’t constantly convert or deliver the result the MD of the agency had hoped for.

Of course, there are shed loads of ways to purchase the attention of people online and get them to visit your website … that’s the easy part, but what happens next?

What should you do as an agent that will make them stay on your website, nevermind use your agency?

How are you proving that above all of the other estate / letting agency’s that they will visit on the t’interweb today, that you are the best agent to resolve their issues/problems?

My intuition tells me your marketing strategy for your agency has to go further than getting people to look in the window (your website being your virtual shop window)

If web-visitors are walking away it means we have not given them a motivation to stay.

Everyone is looking for a reason to stop and revisit your agency’s website.

…. And its our job, as agents, to give them that reason