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Brand Awareness in Estate Agency

The majority of Estate Agency marketing is designed to….

1. Generate huge brand awareness among everyone in your town in the short term
2. Then grab the attention of people who want to sell their house in the next few weeks.
3. Ensure every single house seller and landlord chooses their agency by telling them how awesome their agency is.
4. Tie them in to a sole agency contract so they can’t leave

Problem is .. every agent is doing that

We all sound the same.

.. and whilst that type of marketing used to work well .. for the last 20 years .. it has worked slightly less .. as year has gone by.

I noticed a small group of letting and estate agents who were doing things different five years

Their marketing was designed to….

Create and build brand loyalty over the long term.
Do something that makes people care.
Build relationships and empathy, not with everyone but with the few.
Finally, assist and help those people feel great about their choice of agent.

You can either keep chasing your tail as an agent, do the short term stuff, week in week out until you retire (hand to mouth) .. or play the long game. 

If you are in it for the long game .. check out my Youtube channel .. there are 180+ videos on this topic of playing the long game in lettings/estate agency to get the clients and fees you deserve