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Getting the fee or salary you deserve

The issue is .. most of the time … you never do Instead, you get the fee what landlords/vendors think you are worth or the salary your boss thinks you are worth
So, if you are going to get the fee/salary you deserve .. you need to appreciate the position from the point of view of the landlord/your boss.
In the place of feeling unappreciated or not respected, pi$$ed off and down beat, can I suggest instead you can put all your efforts and direction on making and generating a reputation that people (landlords/house sellers/your boss) consider is worth more?
You see, in this world, people don't make purchasing decisions based on what is good for you … they do stuff that is good for them …and they can only make those decisions centred on what THEY see, what THEY need and what THEY believe.
Now I often see in this world that we as humans sell ourselves too short – I’m guilty of it – as I am sure you are sometimes.
Often … we don't ask for pound notes (fee/salary) proportionate with the …

Shortcut vs Playing the Long Game of Estate Agency and getting New Instructions

Lose 2 stone in a monthGet Rich quick with Bit CoinSix pack in six weeks without going to the GymIncrease your Market Share with shed loads of Vendor leads with our new PropTech thingee There are a lot of people who are willing to sell you a shortcut.
That shortcut is that you can have the outcome you want without having to do the things that are obligatory to produce that result.
They will maintain that the cause you are not creating the result you want is that the world has changed, its different, and that the old school ways don’t work … just the new way works.

The new way is continually presented in a way suggesting it is simpler and really really easy
…and let’s be honest, the shortcut is really easy to sell.
It provides a plan that is evocative of the idea that one can get rich quickly
Perhaps you have read that the new ways of communicating (facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Bots, Automated Valuation Models (ie instant 30 sec FV’s computer programs on your website are going to make it …