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A good estate/letting agency, like a good person, it must be about more than itself.

But why do we use the most powerful communication medium known to mankind (the internet) and abuse the hell out of it. To really understand the power of the internet, we have to go back in time .. not look forward

The miracle of the internet is that the people looking are in charge and have the control to block and avoid anything.

The t’interweb makes communication democratic and helps make a better world.

Please take that on board and bury it in your head and heart.

Instead of talking about yourself and your firm, ask “How can we help you with your fears, frustrations, aspirations and hopes?”

Grow a distinctive, preserved and useful story about you and your estate agency story… a story that comes from your audience’s real-life experience’s, its fears, frustrations, aspirations and hopes and how you have helped other homeowners and landlords with similar fears, frustrations, aspirations and hopes.

Always remember that the key to success in estate agency marketing is to give potential clients interesting, valuable, intriguing and helpful experiences, not self-serving, me-me-me-me-me tedious sales pitches.

The world is changing … You have changed

But has the way you market yourself and your estate/letting agency really changed over the last 10/15 years?

Sales pitches don’t work .. even if you do them over the internet or spam emails

Stop pitching your services and start giving great advice and opinion that is interesting, valuable, intriguing and helpful to your potential clients … because it isn’t going away

Time to get used to it.