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Estate Agents - Your problem isn’t a lack of stock .

Estate Agents - Your problem isn’t a lack of stock ... stop kidding yourself. Before you can sell yourself or your agency and get that free val - the free val that will get you the listing so you can sell it and earn money .. every single one of the 22,500 individual estate agency offices in Uk needs something quite else .. THE ONE THING THAT WILL GET THE FREE VAL Whether you are Savills, Countrywide, small independent agency, regional chain .. you all need this THING ..and it's quite simple what that thing is the homeowners’ ATTENTION No matter how awesome your agency is .. without attention you can’t get Awareness and engagement and without engagement you can’t build interest + trust ( and you need those if you want the business) Your brand awareness advertising won’t give you attention you need .. you ignore adverts nowadays in your day to day life - so why should your banner or newspaper ad do anything different to other people? FFS - UK Estate Agency - stop wasting your hard earned money on brand awareness adverts - it doesn’t work anymore How do you get that attention? Easy - think like a human for second and start being interesting and talk about the one thing that every homeowner and landlord in your town is obsessed about Can you guess what that is?