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Is the Associate Model the way forward for UK Estate Agency? (Part 1)

Over the coming weeks, I will be chatting with a number of people in the UK Estate Agency Industry about what many are saying is the future of UK Estate Agency ..  Forget Online, forget Hybrid, forget the Corporate model .. many say the future is the Umbrella / Associate Model of Estate Agency.

A central hub office, self-employed model, with all the dull boring work done for you and you go out and value, list and do the deals .. keeping 30% to 70% of the fee  ... some people call it the "ASSOCIATE MODEL of Estate Agency" ...  whilst others call it the UMBRELLA MODEL of Estate Agency"

Whatever you call it, it works really well in the US and Australia.

In this video .. I talk to Sean Newman from Fine and Country in the Midlands

Should Letting Agents offer a 24-7 Helpline to their Tenants?

It’s Sunday 755pm, and the big football match is about to start on Sky. Jim, the Lettings Manager is on-call, watching the football pundits give their final chat about the big match,.. he’s been looking forward to this all week … when the works out of hours mobile rings.
Unbeknown to Jim, its a tenant of an HMO, wants him to come and talk to the new tenant upstairs about him playing his records too loud.
Even before the green answer button gets pressed, Jim is not readying himself to listen.
The big match starts in 5mins and he knows a best outcome to this call is getting the caller off the line in the fastest time possible
However, that is completely opposite to what the tenant thinks is the best outcome … To the tenant, the best outcome is the letting agent stopping what they are doing, jump in the Company helicopter and getting around to the HMO in the next twenty minutes to sort it out.

Unequal expectations are the biggest source of unhappiness in any tenant / landlord / letting agen…

I haven't got enough Facebook Likes for my Estate Agency

Facebook Likes, Facebook Shares, YouTube Video Views, Number of Subscribers to your Blog etc etc. Please get a piece of A4 paper and a marker pen and write this down in big letters .. "They are only numbers!"
I have posts that have been viewed 10,000, even 20,000 times on Linkedin that I thought were poor …. And had posts that were crafted and awesome that got only 400 views.
I didnt get a flood of new business on the good posts and I didn't get a slow week when I posted stuff that bombed
The numbers bear no relationship to who you are as a human being or how good your content is or what direct business you will get from that one post or video
Just the 'perceived 'success of you ... in that specific moment.
You might do extremely awesome next week and be back to previous awesome levels. It is not only unbelievably difficult to influence because it is based mostly on luck.
You have to remind yourself why you are doing it and why you started it in the first place.

Content Marketing will solve your problems of getting new clients, new instructions and higher fees

Content Marketing will solve your problems of getting new clients, new instructions and higher fees …BUT … (there is always a but) .. the issue is content marketing is not easy because you actually have to listen to your potential landlords and potential house sellers and know what problems are, what their issues are, what excites them, what motivates them. You might have been able to solve your lack of stock woes through buying advertising space in the newspaper 10 years or 20 years ago .. but not anymore. You must make a connection to local house sellers and local landlords, and get new clients, by focusing on their true pain points and helping/healing them with information.

Want to know how to do content marketing in estate and lettings agency …. Good news .. there is a facebook 100% focused on content marketing for estate and letting agents … and its called LANDLORD FARMING CLUB …. Maybe you should drop by and see why it works PS don't be fooled by the name .. it works just as …

Relevance and Audience to Create an Agency legacy

If you want an agency that will be the No.1 Agency in your town in 20 years and 30 years and beyond
The bottom line is you have to blend relevance and audience.
When you are the newest agent in your town and need to start to become part of the main-stream, but the town doesn’t know who you are, then you need to work your ar$e off at distribution.
All the biggest estate agents in your town today, whether it be 100 yo old boy Chartered Surveyor firm been around since the Boer War or Miss TushyPants who started in 1995 but is now living on past glories have the money, and the audience, but they don’t have the relevance.
They don’t have the up-to-date contemporary forward-thinking customer focused “it factor” that is so essential to win with the up and coming house selling market.
That is why it is important not to forget the art of collaborations and the unbelievable leverage of under-priced vendor and landlord attention.
If you can hold your breath and push the limitations on what got you …

Mindset of Cheap Fees and Estate Agents

The vast majority of Estate Agents marketing strategies habitually focus around finding as many house sellers to list their property with them as possible ..and to do that ..
Most of you reading this will dedicate as much (sometimes more) time to creating enthusiasm for what you do as an agent than actually do what you do as an agent.
.. yet often, on our race for listing success .. things can suffer .. like lower fees. Like Oscar Wilde said, “cynicsknow the price of everything and the value of nothing.”
My intuition tells me there has to be a different way .. a better way.
A way that attracts the right sort of house seller .. the one that appreciates value and worth and is prepared to pay for it.
Most of the UK Estate Agency industry is really good at selling houses and getting maximum value for their vendors … but appalling at extracting maximum value (ie fee) for themselves
That isn’t their fault .. its just they don’t know any different
..and its not as if they don’t have the skills ……