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Nobody Cares your are an Estate / Letting Agent

  • Your Town doesn’t need another estate agency
  • Your City unquestionably doesn’t need another letting agency
  • Your Patch most certainly doesn’t need another local property [expert/professional/specialist]
  • Your Manor doesn’t give a f**k about your “a couple years ago, I thought that had to be a different way to sell houses…” sales pitch.


Because people are trying to sort their own $h*t out

Their world is in various states of turmoil

Everyone’s perception is that are being shafted by their family, friends, neighbours, employers, or some or all of them.

They don’t get paid enough, they work too many hours, they don’t get the recognition, they are under too much stress, don’t get enough sleep, unappreciated, miserable, victimised, abused and left screwed down by their very reality.

So, sorry .. just because you are just one of twenty three estate agency’s in your town, and you have lovely Rightmove Pie Charts saying you are No.1 in sales or you have won this award or that award … NO BODY CARES because people have bigger fish to fry .. trying to get to the end of month without going over their over draft whilst paying the mortgage and the house hold bills.

We don’t need ‘another’ f**king estate/letting agency

.. but what people do need is someone that cares about something .. someone that cares about you, me, anyone or anything … something that we can all care about to… care to make a difference 

You see, its 2018 and we are living in a world where you as an estate/letting agent can make a difference to do and build and back and believe in things bigger than ourselves and the number of houses we have sold or our silly market share. 

We need to stop thinking estate/letting agency as a transaction and start thinking our role is to help people move from one chapter of their lives to another .. and do it for them, for life.

Our role should be as local ambassadors for our town’s, city’s, patch’s and Manor’s. Why do you think I keep banging on the “Digital Mayor” concept .. where you become the point man (or woman) of your town, showing all the best bits of where to live, work and invest in.   

If you have WIFI and mobile phone – you have more communicative power than the head guys of the combined BBC, ITV and National newspapers 20 years ago. You can get your message out there. You can do this and I can show you how .. question is what are you going to do about it my friends?