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Estate/Letting Agents - Comparing Ourselves against the Competition

Looking at other people’s clothes, cars, watches etc .. their lives must be better than my life - I wish I was them. The human trait of envy .. comparing ourselves to others is really a disheartening waste of time, efforts, mind space, thoughts and positive energy- and this is where we as agents compare ourselves with our competitor agents

Don’t get me wrong, it’s essential to know what your competition is doing in the Estate/Letting Agency game in your town, because that is called market research

Yet there is a thin line to be drawn between the awareness of your competition and it turning into some kind of obsession. Awareness makes you communicate and express your agency’s value and bring your thoughts and notions to the people in your distinctive and matchless way, whilst my intuition tells me - go too far into awareness and it turns into obsession, which results in irrational anxiety, insecurity, misgiving and ultimately … paralysis.

Most of you reading this have allowed yourself to get caught in a state of relentless and continual comparison of yourself against others and by doing so, you constrain and hold back your capacity to make a difference of your own.

The is no rationing when it comes to good ideas and the world hasn’t maxed out on making a difference.