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Three ideas to get more listings

10 ways to improve your conversion rate

July Course in Getting more Landlords to use your Lettings Agency!

A course for letitng agents will be held on Thurs 9th July and Friday 10th July 2015 in Grantham at The Angel and Royal Hotel to help letting agents get more landlords
Its a two day course and on it we will teach you two things ..
The 'Landlord Farming System' itself ... where to place the interesting articles you write about your local town, how to set up a blog, how to sort newsletters, how to use social media to get the attention, interest and trust of landlords, how to get hundred and thousands of email addresses of landlords / movers and shakers in your townHow to write the articles themselvesIs the course any good?  No of course not ..... its bl**dy great!

(Grantham is 59 minutes from London Kings Cross train station (and 26 miles East of Nottingham)).

See what these agents said of the course and the system ..
John Paul MD of The Castledene Group (and Winner of the Sunday Times best UK Lettings Agent 2014)I found Christopher's course to be fantastic and we are alr…