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Desperate for Listings

Desperate for more listings, desperate for more valuation leads, desperate for more house sellers and more landlords  … Many agents are looking for the shortcut to success – trust me – there is no shortcut. If you want to eradicate those problems I mentioned in the first sentence, there is a solution.  This is a remarkable truth in this world, and here it is – there’s a distinct remarkable form of influence, its being perceived as a someone. Being perceived as a someone, the leader, the authority, those who possess it have power. Think of all the people you look upto .. your boss, celebrities, powerful business people, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson .. the list goes on It’s a basic human trait .. look to those in authority to lead us, guide us, protect us. So, here is the meaning of authority, then you can tell me if authority runs widespread in estate agency?  Authority is defined as the power or the right to guide, give orders, lead, make decisions and enforce conformity. Sounds rather s…

Attracting new vendors / house sellers using social media

Every Estate and Letting Agent wants to attract new vendors and landlords using social media, email marketing and websites these days. Difficulty is, not many agents know how to do it correctly. Lobbing up a website, getting on FB, LinkedIn, Twitter etc and going on unceasingly about yourself, your agency or your agency’s services won’t work.
Instead, you need to talk ABOUT the landlords and potential house sellers and also, you need to talk WITH them as well
Try not to play it safe either.. don’t fear a bit of left field controversy or wary talking about the hard-hitting topics. Grow a robust and sturdy personality around your morals and ethics — a distinctive and individual brand voice that your prospective landlords and potential house sellers can communicate with and relate to.
Ultimately, be an authority, an authority of your local property market, because by doing so, you will appeal to authoritative clients as well as getting the results you deserve