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Desperate for Listings

Desperate for more listings, desperate for more valuation leads, desperate for more house sellers and more landlords  … Many agents are looking for the shortcut to success – trust me – there is no shortcut. If you want to eradicate those problems I mentioned in the first sentence, there is a solution. 
This is a remarkable truth in this world, and here it is – there’s a distinct remarkable form of influence, its being perceived as a someone. Being perceived as a someone, the leader, the authority, those who possess it have power.
Think of all the people you look upto .. your boss, celebrities, powerful business people, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson .. the list goes on
It’s a basic human trait .. look to those in authority to lead us, guide us, protect us.
So, here is the meaning of authority, then you can tell me if authority runs widespread in estate agency?  Authority is defined as the power or the right to guide, give orders, lead, make decisions and enforce conformity.
Sounds rather strong .. but its true
How many estate agents are imposing leadership and authority with their clients or prospective clients? 
Looking at 99% of estate agency marketing … it’s the opposite .. they are begging – neigh pleading for business … The public is ignoring them  (and you).. all your years of expertise and knowledge is being denigrated, devalued and not listened to.
If you don’t want to believe me that’s fine, you don’t have to. Yet change is on the horizon; more and more agents are seeing this from what I have taught them on my blog and videos to be the local authority on the local property market .. the goto person for property 

I can teach you how to become the local property authority … 

Of course I mentor over 100 individual independent estate agency  and letting agency companies in the UK, yet, and it need not cost you a penny to do. We have a facebook group that has 1,300+ agents on it … and on that FB group, my blog and my YouTube channel I give everything away for free .. yes for free .. no courses or buy this training programme … all my training is online .. the How to guides and training videos are all there .. hell, I even give away free templates of the articles that make you the authority … so you to can start on this journey of become the leading authority in your local property market

Don’t know where to start – drop me an DM or text/ring me (07950147572)  or email me most of you wont .. again – that’s your choice. Those that do ring / contact, me most wont be doing it in 6 months time … but those that do  will in .. and win big .. in the long term … because that is the only game in town .. the long game.