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I hate motivational posters

There’s no elevator to success – you have to take the stairs
Great things come to those that don’t wait
It’s not about being the best .. it’s about being better than you were yesterday

Whilst motivational posters might work for some, including you … have you ever wondered what they do for your staff?

Gunning for success in your estate/lettings is much deeper and more individual than these “motivational memes for the multitudes”.

Motivational sayings and idioms with attractive arty photography does not get people closer to the goal of higher market share, higher fees and happier clients

In fact, pining these posters on the wall of the office .. I have to ask if they are really a misstep for estate/letting agency owners .. in fact .. could they become a point of mockery?

Let me share with you what I believe motivates staff
1. Something greater. People want to be part of a mission that is bigger than themselves. As the boss person of your small estate/letting agent, you need to eloquently and …

What Is The Most Pressing Matter In Your Lettings Agency?

What was the most pressing matter as you got to work today at your Lettings Agency?
What was it that demanded such focused extraordinary, singular and distinct attention from you .. a job only the MD could sort?
.. and here is another question .. how important was it?
I see it all the time with the owners of Agency’s .. especially Letting Agents.
Many agency owners get sucked into sorting an issue with the leaky drain - or the issue with a s.8 notice – or the deposit dispute… they love to dive straight into doing the hectic work— sort those issues – the hero who can sort the problems
.. but I would ask, what if you were on holiday, would that issue get sorted in your absence?
99% of the time yes
So why do you get involved when you aren’t on holiday?
You need to question yourself, why it was worthy of your extraordinary, singular and distinct attention at that moment?
Would you pay someone what you pay yourself to sort a deposit dispute out?
No ..
So why pay yourself?
Your staff, your co…

Rightmove Featured Agent Banner Ads - Do they work?

According to Google’s Display Benchmarks Tool, the average banner ad gets clicked once every 1,666 displays - which is click through rate 0.06%.
We have all programmed ourselves as humans to ignore the poorest advert experience ever created created by man kind  ... the banner ad.

We are all busy as people in this new 21st century world. We don’t have enough time and so are concentrating on trying to get all our ‘things’ done, yet banner-ads are an irritation at best, and ignored and not even seen at worst. 
.. and don’t get me started on those banner ads on mobile websites. My chubby fingers (as I’m sure yours do) click on annoying those banner ads by error.
Estate Agents and Banner Ads

So, why do us estate agents continue to use them ... even at the high altar of UK estate agency .. Rightmove
Take a look at these awful selection of REAL Rightmove banner ads (featured agent ads). Its all .. with message such as .. Click here for an instant valuation in 60 secsWe are the local experts in [ins…