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Letting Agents - Do you make these three mistakes?

The first mistake letting agents often might make is to assume that landlords are rational.
The second mistake letting agents often make is assuming that landlords are eager to change letting agents.

And the letting agent's third mistake is assuming that once a landlord knows about your lettings agency and how much better your services and fees are, they will choose your letting agency.


Traditional Estate Agents, particularly the big corporates like the Countrywide’s, LSL’s and Sequence’s of this world, are organised for efficiency and consistency.
But not Delight.
Delight comes from astonishment, being human, connections, empathy and transparency and fresh
Don’t get me wrong, there are some very special people who work on the coal face, the front line of these big agents – some are even my friends.
.. but I am talking about the estate agency machine itself
...If you fear the weekly conference call, if you staff with negs that can leave and be replaced without too much hassle with another neg from up the road, if every task is written down in bullet points (and god forbid you stray from that) ..
..then the chances of amazing a landlord, vendor, tenant or buyer are really quite low.

How To Get More Landlords To Use Your Lettings Agency In 2017

Reaching your dream landlord can be difficult.
Creating an opportunity, when your dream portfolio landlord is already satisfied with their current agent and when they have no compelling reason to change agents feels like mission impossible … yet you are in the business of being the No.1 letting agent in your town and nobody is going to get in your way
… but do you mean that?
You might be tempted to seek more receptive prospective landlords with the idea that you can show them why they should use your letting agency.

But if you want to grow your lettings agency and increase the number of managed properties on your books - in a what is quite frankly a mature market, then as a letting agent, if you want to be No.1, you are in the business of taking a serious amount of business off your competitors.
Truth be told in Lettings
There is a reason some landlords aren’t using your lettings agency; they don’t need it.
They already have that base covered .. they already have a letting agent.
.. and the…

How to beat the big agent in your town

“Everywhere I look I’ve got competitor letting and estate agents, from the large corporates to other independent agents who have been going for 25 years or more. What can I do to beat the competition and get more landlords and vendors to give me their properties?” .. as some famous Chinese General said over 2,500 years ago,  you have know yourself before you can know your enemy. You are in a battle against your competitor agents in your town and the fundamental key to success is to

The graveyard of letting agency buried dreams.

When I started my business 3 years ago, everything seemed hard. Marketing seemed hard, Selling seemed hard, Finding my best customers seemed hard, Finances seemed hard, Managing every piece of the business seemed hard... 

And it was. 

I was very fortunate to have John as a mentor and tell me on a call one day: "Chris, it's supposed to be this way. 

That desire you have for impact, isn't in everyone. 

Don't be the 42-year-old that dies, but lives for 30 more years staring at the graveyard of buried dreams.

The reality is, most things in life worth pursuing are hard, but we get better. The thing doesn't get easier, we're just a different person confronted by the same hard thing. Make this week a great one!

My sadness for the Letting Agents in England

10% to 20% of your income is going to go in 12 month’s time with the tenant fee ban Its unjust and unfair. Its excessive and imbalanced It’s like you are constantly battling. Running through treacle How you can be expected to


Usually, people have a fear of being different. While we may think we want admiration and the spot light on us, the cave man brain finds it is easier to merge into the rest of the crowd. Merging into the crowd may mean less of an impression or legacy in life, but it also means fewer people laughing at us, ridiculing us and judge us. (ie the tall poppy syndrome) ..and as Lettings (and Estate Agency) mirrors life .. we are all guilty of ..

Letting Agents - Why does my Lettings Agency Run me.. instead of the other way round?

I am unbelievably busy at this moment in time. In fact, I’m about as busy as I have ever felt.  Some days, I feel like I have taken on too many obligations and just too shattered to take on anything else. At times like these, my life feels like it’s out of control. But on the other side of the coin, I’m looking into some really thought-provoking and exceptional plans right now, and I believe the worst of this taxing and worrying time will be over in a few months.  But on the other side of the coin, I’m looking into some really thought-provoking and exceptional plans right now, and I believe the worst of this taxing and worrying time will be over in a few months.  After that, I will sort myself out and take a few of weeks off, get my sh*t back in order, devote more quality time with my partner, children and mates, and look into growing this letting agency instead of always firefighting to stand still. Everything is going to change soon, I promise.  After that, it won’t be whizzing round lik…

Losing Listings to Competitor Agents

Why is the pain of losing a new instruction to that joy of getting the new instruction incomparable.Valuers and Listers take it personally when a landlord or vendor chooses another agent over them … but losing the listing is just as much a part of the game as a “getting the new instruction.
So, if you love the part of the lettings/estate agency game when your dream landlord/vendor says ‘yes’ to your sales-pitch at the market appraisal, so I say you must also love the part of the lettings/estate agency game when your dream landlord/vendor tells you ‘no’. It’s all part of the game .. because in the history of UK Lettings and Estate Agency no letting or estate agent has ever been undefeated.

Doing the Free Val is as big a part of the game is nailing the listing. Your love for Free Val has to be every bit as deep as your love of listing that you have created. If you don’t love Free Val, if you don’t love the chase, the hunt, you don’t love the game.
Asking for time is as important as the fin…

Silver Bullet for Your Lettings Agency

Just think what you could if you had silver bullet for your lettings agency .. something that with blink of an eye could get you more stock, more ‘new instructions’, more market share, higher fees, the discovery, the vision, the stimulus, the shortcut to be a better letting agent ... Sorry, but The Silver Bullet Shop closed down in the 19th Century when Beast of GĂ©vaudan, a legendary gigantic werewolf, was killed by a hunter with the name of Argent (which is Latin for silver), wielding a gun loaded with silver bullets. … after that, there wasn’t the demand.. That is until the 1950’s when it reopened for a few years to supply The Lone Ranger with his silver bullets .. but demand waned and it closed down again.
Some think these Online Valuation Plugins (eg ValPal) are the Silver Bullet whilst others think Cheap Fees or going on Online are the quick win answers – they arent. Now that you know that there are no silver bullets in lettings (or estate agency), a better question is probably: What d…