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Usually, people have a fear of being different. While we may think we want admiration and the spot light on us, the cave man brain finds it is easier to merge into the rest of the crowd. Merging into the crowd may mean less of an impression or legacy in life, but it also means fewer people laughing at us, ridiculing us and judge us. (ie the tall poppy syndrome)
..and as Lettings (and Estate Agency) mirrors life .. we are all guilty of ..
conforming and blending in with the crowd ..
  • Look at your website, then compare it with your competitors. All of them are the same ..Name across the top, Navigation bar with Home/Buy/Sell/Rent/About Us/Meat the Team/ Contact us.. the only difference is Pantone Colour and Font of your logo.
  • Look at your To Let/ For sale Boards … all of them are 0.5m squared with the name of your firm, telephone number, web address
  • Look at your brochures … Your logo at the top, the address of the property, a pic of the property, price and a few words
  • Look at your Offices … Window cards in the Window, Desks inside, Map on the wall
  • Look at the portals you go on .. the same as your competitors
I am sorry… being same as everyone else won’t get you the success, the landlords, the vendors (for estate agents reading this) that you deserve, the growth you want and need for your letting or estate agency. The only difference between you and all the other agents in your town .. is …. You.
What are we going to do to make you the No.1 agent in your town?
Well quite frankly, you need to leave the other letting agents behind and stand out from the crowd … and become an Authority. It means to become a leader and a specialist in the thing you doBeing an authority means to be different and to stand out from the crowd.
An Authority in What?
If you are going to be an Authority .. it needs to be something your potential clients (ie landlords) are passionate about, intrigued about, excites them, captivates them, fascinates them, enthrals them ….
Now, luckily there is something that every landlord in your town, every homeowner in your town is really passionate, intrigued, excited, captivated, fascinated and enthralled about ..
… and it isn’t your 5* Trustpilot Score, nor is it you open 8 days a week or have 7 branches, and it isn’t the fact you post screendumps that you are No.1 for Listings on Rightmove Plus n or sold a house down the road. You might be interested.. and your Mum is very proud of you .. but landlords aren’t that bothered
This something that they are passionate about, obsessed about is this …
The value of their own property
That’s why when everyone sees a new for sale board on their street .. everyone goes to Rightmove to see what its on for. Would they do that if the board were half a mile down the road? No. So why do they do that (go onto Rightmove?) when its in their street? .. because what that is on the market for has a direct relationship to what theirs is worth.
So instead of talking about services, or your firm, or what you have let or sold .. which quite frankly is just like someone talking about themselves at a party all night .. why not talk about the local property market .. because landlords (and homeowners) will be fascinated about that ..
And here is the best bit …. We have been given a gift called the internet to be able to show and prove this knowledge .. to connect with hundreds and thousands of homeowners and landlords in our town . The internet hasn’t been exploited even close to what it will be in the future.
So what are you .. just Average .. or an Authority?
I believe in order to survive and grow in agency; you must be an authority in your marketplace .. and that is the local property market
…. and we have the means to prove ourselves as the AUTHORITY OF THE LOCAL PROPERTY MARKET ..
.. and how do you do that.. easy .. just copy what these agents are doing with their blogs .. meaty, journalist articles* about their local town’s property market and then suggesting great buy to let deals on the market  .. landlords go metal for this stuff
Look at these agents … and they are proving themselves as their local property authority (especially look at Chelmsford’s and Northampton’s with the video’s – awesome!)
… and now look at your blog?
Kind regards
Christopher Watkin (look me up on Linkedin)
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Ghostwriter and Freelance Property Market Journalist
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