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Blocking your diary out for prospecting is wrong

The best Estate Agents block out their diary’s to prospect for new properties/listings… because without listings you have nothing. Yet I am suggesting blocking time out to prospect is actually the wrong thing to do...
Blocking time out to prospect shows that we actually get our priorities back to front.
Because blocking out something, in fact, frees up the rest of the time for what is the most important thing in your agency.
By allocating small amounts of time for prospecting for house sellers (and landlords) we are fact surrendering more time to what is less important …admin etc
What if you did it the other way round? What if in its place of blocking time for prospecting, you blocked time for admin and other boring jobs?
What if you limited the time available for things that don’t result in a new listing or agree an offer to a sale?
What if you blocked out only 2 hours a day to updating your C.R.M, viewing feedback, vendor contact, cultivating relationships, emails and reporting your s…

Treading Water as an Estate/ Letting Agency Boss

ESTATE /LETTING AGENTS  - Is it at all conceivable that you and your agency are having the same year over and over again – like Groundhog day. You might be repeating the same ways of doing business, built on the same actions you did last year (and the year before) built on the same beliefs. 
Without changing the way you do business, you remove the likelihood of changing your results. 
You might have the best of intents to be a better agent, but those intents are not enough to keep you from just treading water. 
You know you need to change, because if today was enough, then you wouldn’t need to change. 
Those agents who stop treading water tend to lead a life of their own making and produce an agency with results they want. 
How? 1st- you need to know where you are going, because you can never hit a target if you can’t see it because without a target, you are discharging yourself to the now – not the future. 
To change, you have to know what you want and why you want it, and you need to focu…

Slagging off the competition in Estate Agency

Some Estate Agents have been known to speak ill of their competitor agents in their FV pitch. If I had a £1 for every time some Valuer or Branch Manager say, “There is no way they can offer a decent level of service on such low fees and run a business model that isn’t sustainable in the long run.” ….yet they are still in business years later and show no signs of disappearing.
Nevertheless, I think there is a better way to talk about your competitor agents at the free val
“We know [insert name of agent] well. So much so, we have many acquaintances and friends at that agency. They do decent work as an agent, yet we have vastly different ideas about how to sell(let) property. Do you mind if I share with you what makes us different as an agent?”
You see, I believe being in estate agency (and lettings) is all about relationships, its about saying the right thing and then committing to it, I believe we as agents should work extremely hard at selecting the right words that make those convers…

Estate Agents - The only reason your Facebook Ads or marketing leaflet campaigns aren’t working ...

Estate Agents - The only reason your Facebook Ads or marketing leaflet campaigns aren’t working is that your advert has to bring value. The No.1 thing that is happening in society the way people value time.. time is exploding in value to us because we all now live in a 24/7/365 world. 
People don’t want read your self-serving propaganda on your estate agency, your sales message, landlords wanted, your Rightmove pie chart, what you have sold, and why your agency is so good. 
What Estate Agency advertising (in fact all advertising) has doing since the 1980’s is it stopping you from doing what you want to do and it's selling you something which means by nature it is stealing your time which is why the second you decide that to stop selling and give out valuable content and you actually want to bring people value instead of selling them something … you win.   
Talk about the one thing every homeowner and landlord in your town is interested in  .. what is happening to the local property m…

a lesson from a Farmers Market to all us agents

I love to go to the Christmas market in Stamford with Senior Management (the wife)… especially the food bit. This year there were two cheese sellers .. and both made cheese and their farm. They sell an almost indistinguishable product (Red Leicester cheese), but one was selling three or four times as much cheese as the other. Their marketing techniques were comparable. Try and catch people’s eye, give them a sample of the cheese (with cocktail stick – this is Lincolnshire) to try and use that time the potential punter is munch the cheese to go into sales mode The first cheesemaker informs his potential punters his cheese is the best Red Leicester cheese in the UK. ‘I should know, I make it,’ he proudly declares. The second cheesemaker tells potential punters that his cheese are vegan, dairy and gluten free. ‘Its delicious when a thick chunk is cut and eaten with some warm bread. Great grated on pizza and when having a nice glass of vino on a Friday night afterwork .. the bold, yet mello…