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Blocking your diary out for prospecting is wrong

The best Estate Agents block out their diary’s to prospect for new properties/listings… because without listings you have nothing. Yet I am suggesting blocking time out to prospect is actually the wrong thing to do...

Blocking time out to prospect shows that we actually get our priorities back to front.


Because blocking out something, in fact, frees up the rest of the time for what is the most important thing in your agency.

By allocating small amounts of time for prospecting for house sellers (and landlords) we are fact surrendering more time to what is less important …admin etc

What if you did it the other way round? What if in its place of blocking time for prospecting, you blocked time for admin and other boring jobs?

What if you limited the time available for things that don’t result in a new listing or agree an offer to a sale?

What if you blocked out only 2 hours a day to updating your C.R.M, viewing feedback, vendor contact, cultivating relationships, emails and reporting your stats for HQ?

An eight hour day would then be comprised of two hours of mostly admin work and six hours of prospecting … meaning you spent 75% of your time on the tasks we know result in opportunity creation and opportunity capture?