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100% perfection in lettings

When we think of our letting agency services, we envisage the 100% perfect variety. The weeks that go without a crumple, when the team and yourself are on the money and lettings machine is purring like a well-oiled machine.

Attempting for 100% while knowing it’s seldom realisable is not easy - especially if you are a letting agent. The ability to live that contradiction is how we make evolve and create transformation— not by the black and white of ‘its perfect or nothing’, but simply inch by inch, day by day. Turning up to work every day, where you and the team do your best, even when you know you wished it were better.


HYPERLOCAL ESTATE AGENCY   ....  Hyperlocal is the new buzzword in SEO and Google. According to Google, just under one third of all Google searches made on a mobile phone are related to location. 
If the content your estate / letting agency doesn’t match that local concentration, your agency’s posts on social media, blogs and websites will be harder to find through search, which means landlords/potential house sellers won’t be able to find it and read it. 
Therefore, why take a leaf out of Purplebricks book and call yourself the not the 'local property expert' .. but the '[INSERT NAME OF YOUR TOWN] Property Expert'   eg Swansea Property Expert or Chiswick Property Expert

“How to cold start lettings & estate agency without going bust”.

I live near the City of Nottingham. Once every eight weeks or so, I have to pop into Robin Hood’s home town and whilst there, like to have a decent coffee and sticky bun. The great thing about Nottingham, especially around the Lace Market and Hockley areas, is that just about every coffee shop is truly awesome. There are no brown sludge coffee shops or indifference deli’s in this part of Maid Marian’s Old stomping ground. There is plenty of competition and awesome quality is a given in all these café / coffee shop businesses. Interestingly, a few months ago, I visited the Lace Market area, and noticed a couple more café/coffee shops seem to have opened since my last visit. However, when I visited last week, I noted that these new coffee shops were quite empty. Stacks and stacks of white porcelain china coffee cups stood like tall soldiers on their £5,000 coffee machine with no one waiting for their mocha-locha-choca-latte and maybe three or four people sitting in an all but sparse coff…

What Type of Pictures Should You Use Within Your Estate Agency Blog Posts?

Have you deliberated over which pictures to use in a Facebook post or Blog post?

Many letting/estate agents find it difficult to choose a graphic for their content. Nevertheless, it’s vital, as frequently quoted research shows that pictures attract more individuals to the content and help people recall the content they read longer.

If you want to be seen as a leading authority in your local property market, as many of you know, I advocate you write (or get someone to ghostwrite for you) data driven content on your town's property market - like these 25 agents around the UK . With the articles I ghostwrite, I always endeavour to add a graph with the article, as it makes it simpler for your landlord/vendor readers to understand your article than with text alone.

I was looking at some research from QuickSproutand it showed that articles with data driven graphics score very highly when it comes to people sharing stuff on social media. 

More remarkable, the same research shows that blog po…

Spam emails in UK Estate Agency

Just think .. it’s a demanding Friday morning and you log on to your emails, you have a handful of really nice Rightmove and Zoopla emails, few solicitor chasing emails and then there are the unsolicited multitude of sales emails from an estate Agency PropTech firm. Those emails that disrupts your mojo. Now you might be lucky and you might just have the just one email, and let’s be honest, it only take one left click to send that *%*&**** email to the trash bin – never to cast a shadow over your inbox again.
… but that PropTech or Estate Agent software supplier, what has he or she done to deserve that .. what’s the harm in them sending that email to every agent in the UK, like a fisherman casting their net as far and as wide as possible? After all some agents might take the bait?
Yet, its not just one email is it .. its ten, twenty, thirty emails a day
.. but then we go and send thousands of emails to our database
The issue we are faced with as estate and letting agents is that our on…

Goodlord vs Chris Watkin

Goodlord takes care of all admin tasks while giving you total deal visibility and control at your lettings agency. 

Christopher is the UK's No.2 Letting Agent Biz Development Guru - helping letting agents organically grow their lettings agency. 

Let us see what happened when Christopher dropped into Goodlord Towers for a chat about what they do for Letting Agents

99% of estate agency mis-guidedly believe ...

Most estate agents marketing is aimed at persuading or convert a house seller to use their agency just before they need a free valuation. As Josh Phegan said at his speech at the EA Masters on Friday.. too many estate agents are focused on getting the ‘now vendor’.
That can clearly be seen in the epidemic spread of such internet tools as ValPal and RoboVal.If I see another ‘Click here for an instant free valuation of your home’ .. I will scream
Agents spend hours contemplating the right pantone colour applied to a ‘click here for your instant free val’ button, or the best time to post their ‘instant fv’ or ‘properties wanted’ posts on Facebook
These are strategies to get the half-hearted house seller over the line.
Our house sellers path to their decision of which agents they will call out for a free val is intricate and long-winded. The decision is subjective and most definitely influenced by the story they (the house seller) tells themselves of the agents concerned..
“They only deal wit…