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What Type of Pictures Should You Use Within Your Estate Agency Blog Posts?

Have you deliberated over which pictures to use in a Facebook post or Blog post?

Many letting/estate agents find it difficult to choose a graphic for their content. Nevertheless, it’s vital, as frequently quoted research shows that pictures attract more individuals to the content and help people recall the content they read longer.

If you want to be seen as a leading authority in your local property market, as many of you know, I advocate you write (or get someone to ghostwrite for you) data driven content on your town's property market - like these 25 agents around the UK . With the articles I ghostwrite, I always endeavour to add a graph with the article, as it makes it simpler for your landlord/vendor readers to understand your article than with text alone.

I was looking at some research from QuickSprout and it showed that articles with data driven graphics score very highly when it comes to people sharing stuff on social media. 

More remarkable, the same research shows that blog posts with graphs and charts received over 258% more trackbacks (ie people seeing your article on Facebook and coming to your blog)

Below are some of the graphs I have produced for my clients who are using alongside their articles to get more people to their websites and ultimately use their agency)

However, some of you reading this might not have the luxury or budget to have such articles and graphs written and produced for you.

Don't worry - there is a solution!

As I have over 700 letting and estate agents in out 'Landlord Farming Club' Facebook Group, we are able to share ideas and tips on attracting landlords and vendors to our agencies. We freely give out advice and opinions to each other, and one huge tip that will double (I am not kidding you) .. double your click thru rates is adding a picture of your town on a road sign.

I can not stress enough the importance of taking photographs with the name of your town in it. 

You are in competition on people's newsfeeds on social media to get them to the stop on your post ...before they click On it.

There is nothing better than the name of that town on a road sign railway sign ... post office sign ... anything with the word of your town on it.

... and you even make your own using this £3 app WORDSWAG


Here is a training video on the app ...