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The Value of Helping

Helping others is an essential part of being a human being, connecting together and helping a brother or sister. In times of misfortune and disaster, like the recent Terrorist attacks in Manchester and London, the accounts and stories of those who aid and benefit others are inspirational. Some people even dedicate their lives to helping others, like the armed forces and the emergency services - all who put themselves in danger for the greater good.
Nevertheless, helping others isn’t restricted to these outstanding gestures or times of misfortune. I have learnt over the last few years that helping others can be done each and every day. And the best bit, opposed to what you may have think or see in this crazy 21st century fast paced me-me-me world, helping others doesn’t always have to be a self-sacrificing unselfish deed. I have learnt to understand that helping others can actually help myself. No matter what the incentive or inspiration, getting out and helping others is the key.

Part 3 of 15 - Video Training Tutorials for Letting & Estate Agents (The Use of Microphones)

If you are a letting agent or estate agent and you want to learn to confidently use video to grow your agency, then these 15 masterclass training tutorials set of videos are just what you have been looking for.

You'll learn...

The skills to confidently plan, film and edit great videos every time

How to tell a great story and connect with local landlords and homeowners wanting to sell

How to edit and add graphics quickly and easily

How to link your videos back to your strategy and your big goals

What kit to buy

IN THIS VIDEO - the importance of Microphones

Google Adwords And SEO In Estate Agency Can Be A Waste Of Money

I wish I had a pound for every time an agent contacted me asking me why they haven’t seen any discernible business from spending hundreds of pounds a month from Google Adwords or SEO.
Now of course, they spent their hard earned cash to bring people to their agency website ..and it did just that, it just it didn’t always convert or deliver the free vals and market appraisals the estate/letting had expected.
Its easy to spend loads of money on Adwords terms like …”Estate Agent in [your town]” or“Letting Agent in [your town]”
I especially see it all the time with those new-fangled-dangled instant online valuation thingees on (eg ValPal and others) on estate agents websites.
Lots of visitors clicking on the banner .. but the percentage going through to completing the form is tiny.
Yes, there are methods to purchase attention and get punters to your agency’s website— but let me ask you this …what happens when they get to your website?
What is on your website to make them stay on your website, l…

Shortcuts in Property Game

One thing I have learnt, in terms of my relationships, business and weight loss .. expending of lots of worry, thought and money is that in most circumstances if there is a shortcut to be had, most people, including myself, are very tempted to take it. It is part of being human and let’s be frank with each other, if by doing something it saves, time, money and effort to take the most well organised, methodical and efficient way to from A to Z – who wouldn’t jump on that bandwagon.
Yet, I have learnt, that we as humans have started to expect this all in all parts of our lives. Shopping has changed with the internet, Watching TV on demand with Netflix’s on our time, Swipe right for Date with apps like Tinder. Its all … see it want it .. get it .. now
And we have come to expect that with our businesses. It means the business of selling things, our products and services really really hard, because we (especially estate and letting agents) are inherently impatient to see signs of success and…