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The Hamster Wheel of Running an Estate and Lettings Agency

You are a lower-middle order one office estate/letting operation and finding things pretty tough out there.. the business is running you – instead of you running it.

Every few months you try this or that marketing technique because you want to get off of this hamster wheel .. you want to be biggest estate and letting agent in your town and ten other towns around you in five year’s time .. make it a cash cow so you can live the life you deserve.

  1. You have tried leafleting for a few months
  2. You have tried cheap fee deals for a few months
  3. You have tried those instant Valuation thingees on your website for a few months.

But nothing seems to work

What if I could show you a way I could guarantee you to be the biggest estate and letting agent in your town and ten other towns around you in five year’s time? 

But to do that, you would have change your outlook and plan for the future. 

It would require massive hardwork and patience or the next 60 months, the 5am starts and 8pm finishes, doing the equivalent work  and training of an ultra-marathon runner crossed with learning how to be a brain surgeon whilst still running your business and having a family life ….  

Hard work .. yes

But what’s the alternative?

Performing groundhog day for the next 5 years like you have the last 5 years?
Trying this, trying that and nothing really working – ending up being in the same position you are now – just in five year’s time 

You will end up doing the same old crap short term projects each few months for the rest of your agency life  .. projects that would guarantee you never having that ‘cash cow money making estate agency chain’ you wanted in the first place? 

You have a choice … continue the $ame $hit and tread water for the rest of your life, remaining in groundhog day or you’re your $hit out and change.

.. because if you don’t, a strange thing will occur to your self-confidence.

You see, my intuition tells me, when you have been in business for a few years trying to grow your lower-middle order one office estate/letting operation but finding yourself in the same position a few years later .. it will affect your self-confidence

When you have been chasing the fast win, the big lettings portfolio quickly but don’t hit it … and you start to realise, that despite the efforts you have put in over the last few years, they have been for nothing … and your self-confidence starts messing with your head.

If only there was another way .. there is … 3 free training videos on attracting new clients – telling you exactly what to do