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Measuring Success in Lettings and Estate Agency

Is it conceivable for us as people to reconsider, re-evaluate and re-examine
greatness by altering how we, as people and human beings, gauge success—by substituting our being No.1, win at all costs point of view with one that necessitates us to inquiry if we are doing work we are proud of. 
We would be able. each and everyone of us, get to cherry-pick what it means to be great again. Minute by minute, each day at a time, we can purposely and intentionally choose only to do the things we will be proud to have done and to create the future we want to see.

What did you measure today?  Do a great job for your vendors or worrying about hitting your targets? I know in the long run which will make you, the client, your boss happier .. it depends if you are in this for the long term? I am – are you?