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Google Adwords And SEO In Estate Agency Can Be A Waste Of Money

I wish I had a pound for every time an agent contacted me asking me why they haven’t seen any discernible business from spending hundreds of pounds a month from Google Adwords or SEO.

Now of course, they spent their hard earned cash to bring people to their agency website ..and it did just that, it just it didn’t always convert or deliver the free vals and market appraisals the estate/letting had expected.

Its easy to spend loads of money on Adwords terms like …”Estate Agent in [your town]” or  “Letting Agent in [your town]”

I especially see it all the time with those new-fangled-dangled instant online valuation thingees on  (eg ValPal and others) on estate agents websites.

Lots of visitors clicking on the banner .. but the percentage going through to completing the form is tiny.

Yes, there are methods to purchase attention and get punters to your agency’s website— but let me ask you this …what happens when they get to your website?

What is on your website to make them stay on your website, let alone ring you for a free val?

…. And most importantly, how are you demonstrating that above all else, of all the other estate/letting agent websites they will also visit today, that you are the only/best/most trustworthy estate/letting agent to solve their problem?

Spending money on Google Adwords and SEO is like pasting £10 notes to your actual estate agency window  .. they will come to the window and have a look … but what is your strategy to get those internet window shoppers to walk through the proverbial door?

If your website visitors are not following through into more free vals and market appraisals, even after all this extra website traffic that is costing you hundreds of pounds a month … my intuition tells me you haven’t given them a reason to stay.

Homeowners and landlords are looking for a reason to stay.

It’s your job as an agent to give them a reason

I wonder why this estate / letting agent gets hundreds of unique visitors a day - without spending one penny on SEO or Google Adwords

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