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The objective of most letting agent’s marketing ...

The objective of most letting agent’s marketing is to get potential landlords to ring you for a free val / market appraisal, get it listed and get it let. Since much of our agency marketing time, money and energy is focused more on the start of the transaction (ie get the free val/ market appraisal) it’s easy to believe that once we’ve nailed the listing, the job’s done.

My intuition tells me though getting more free vals / market appraisals is just a small part of the work we do as letting agents. The beginning of where the agency story starts with the landlord. We, as letting agents, should dedicate two, three even four times as much, thinking, energy and care into continuing to entice and tickle and delight landlords once they have listed with us as we do before they sign the agency agreement.

The main question facing letting agents is not, “How we get landlords to ring us for a free val?” .. instead, it should be, “How to we earn the trust that keeps those landlords with us?”

Just saying