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Shortcuts in Property Game

One thing I have learnt, in terms of my relationships, business and weight loss .. expending of lots of worry, thought and money is that in most circumstances if there is a shortcut to be had, most people, including myself, are very tempted to take it. It is part of being human and let’s be frank with each other, if by doing something it saves, time, money and effort to take the most well organised, methodical and efficient way to from A to Z – who wouldn’t jump on that bandwagon.

Yet, I have learnt, that we as humans have started to expect this all in all parts of our lives. Shopping has changed with the internet, Watching TV on demand with Netflix’s on our time, Swipe right for Date with apps like Tinder. Its all … see it want it .. get it .. now

And we have come to expect that with our businesses. It means the business of selling things, our products and services really really hard, because we (especially estate and letting agents) are inherently impatient to see signs of success and to avoid niggling doubts and embarrassment about the anxiety of being a failure.

When doubts and embarrassment gets in the way, I have seen it both myself and many agents, those people start to become impatient. Impatient for listings, Impatient for the landlord leads and so they begin to compromise. We want to sell our product or service and believe if we just tell enough landlords and potential house sellers about it – they will surely buy our services.
I have seen many people disregard the long term legacy of becoming the biggest, most respected agent for years and decades to come, just to cut corners and go into the grey areas of between right and wrong, just hit their monthly target. I have done it and I am sure you have
One thing I have learnt, that I wish to share with you .. you, me, everyone has a choice, a choice that is not frequently discussed about in estate and letting agent circles, where the majority of agents are obsessed about hitting their monthly listings and sales targets, where long term is considered hitting your Quarterly and fast market share are the strategies of the day.
That choice comprises giving ourselves approval and most importantly, tick-tock time to do the right thing and making the cushion that empowers us to play the long game and take the longcut…. because in this world .. there is no such thing as an overnight success

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