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Is this the Reason You Aren't Converting Your FV's to Listings?

Our estate agency is the best agent to sell your house because .. 1. We are biggest agent in the town meaning we have more people registering with us 2. We have the biggest network of agents around the UK so we have access to more buyers 3. We have the biggest presence on Rightmove so we attract more buyers 4. Our Photography are taken by a Professional so show your property in the best way 5. We do bespoke Facebook campaign to find more buyers 6. We sell the most houses
Noticed how it’s all WE and OUR
NO WONDER YOU ARE LOSING LISTINGS.. these agents are talking about themselves and what it means to the house seller
Its … “we do this” ….and “this is what it means to you”
ie its ‘lets us give you a fact’ then ‘try and get emotional buy in’
That is the technique 99% of estate agents use… but many of you arent getting buy in from this technique .. are you? You arent getting the fee you want? You are losing the listings to the competition
They might be nodding on the sofa, but don’t commit. You are dr…

Should you let your staff become the face of your lettings/estate agency?

A lot of you will know I believe that people buy from people and estate/lettings agency is a people business.
Hence I suggest you use social media (and ultimately video) to show your and your firm off .. so people can engage with you. This is important with the increase of social media and influencer-marketing. There are huge opportunities for agents to become the “local go to person on property” …
But where is the balance between the firm and the person and how do you balance the person vs the brand?
Easy if it is you, the boss person, in front of the camera … but what if you don’t want to be the front person and its an employee who is front of stage?
How do the two work together? …and should they?
Should you bolt together your estate/letting agency brand with your employees? Should agents enthusiastically support their employees to use the landlord farming technique of being the local property guru? …and talking about this .. one could say this is a Pandora’s Box … as one might ask how…

The John Paul Story - Parts 1 and 2

John Paul, MD of Castledene, tells us his story of how he set up an agency by accident 8 years ago... and now after 8 years, he has an impressive multi-office operation in the North East. 

Its easy to see why he's been voted the best Letting Agent in the Sunday Times Award for 2013,14,15 and 2016 and the very best in the UK in 2014

Part 1 ... (of 4)

Part 2 ... (of 4)

Is the Associate Model the way forward for UK Estate Agency? (Part 2)


We had Sean Newman talk about the Associate Model of Estate Agency ... in this video I actually talked to an Associate Partner of Fine and Country .. the awesome Terry Robinson from Banbury

Is the Associate Model the way forward for UK Estate Agency? (Part 1)

Over the coming weeks, I will be chatting with a number of people in the UK Estate Agency Industry about what many are saying is the future of UK Estate Agency ..  Forget Online, forget Hybrid, forget the Corporate model .. many say the future is the Umbrella / Associate Model of Estate Agency.

A central hub office, self-employed model, with all the dull boring work done for you and you go out and value, list and do the deals .. keeping 30% to 70% of the fee  ... some people call it the "ASSOCIATE MODEL of Estate Agency" ...  whilst others call it the UMBRELLA MODEL of Estate Agency"

Whatever you call it, it works really well in the US and Australia.

In this video .. I talk to Sean Newman from Fine and Country in the Midlands

Should Letting Agents offer a 24-7 Helpline to their Tenants?

It’s Sunday 755pm, and the big football match is about to start on Sky. Jim, the Lettings Manager is on-call, watching the football pundits give their final chat about the big match,.. he’s been looking forward to this all week … when the works out of hours mobile rings.
Unbeknown to Jim, its a tenant of an HMO, wants him to come and talk to the new tenant upstairs about him playing his records too loud.
Even before the green answer button gets pressed, Jim is not readying himself to listen.
The big match starts in 5mins and he knows a best outcome to this call is getting the caller off the line in the fastest time possible
However, that is completely opposite to what the tenant thinks is the best outcome … To the tenant, the best outcome is the letting agent stopping what they are doing, jump in the Company helicopter and getting around to the HMO in the next twenty minutes to sort it out.

Unequal expectations are the biggest source of unhappiness in any tenant / landlord / letting agen…